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Unsettled Global Experience Leader Position

Full-Time / Part-Time Positions Available Starting April – June 2019
Application Deadline: February 15th, 2019

Do you have a background in facilitating personal and professional development? Do you feel most alive when working in a high-energy, group dynamic? Want to help people expand their possibilities through intentional living and shared experiences?

If you love building a diverse and global community, connecting individuals to their passions, and managing travel experiences in a fast-paced environment, then read on. Unsettled is hiring a new batch of Experience Leaders to lead our latest experiences.



Unsettled is a space for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. Who believe that feeling a little bit “unsettled” is a positive impulse for change, innovation, and exploration.

We curate travel experiences, adventures, and programs for today’s creative professionals who seek to take their work, life, and growth beyond traditional borders. Unsettled’s retreats and programs are for those who need to take the time and space to break out of their routine, have an intentional transition from one chapter to the next, and bring their ideas and dreams into fruition.



Unsettled Experience Leaders are the conductors, facilitators, planners, hosts, guides, and companions for curated groups of 15 – 30 highly creative and talented individuals from around the world.

The primary role of an Experience Leader is to run and deliver Unsettled’s unique approach to travel and living with purpose. You will wear many hats, from the customer service requirement within hospitality to the facilitation of our in-depth workshops and one-on-one coaching. At times this role takes the endurance of an Olympian, and that should excite you.

For this round of Experience Leaders, Unsettled is seeking candidates who bring multiple years of experience facilitating programs on either (1) navigating personal change, lifestyle design, and personal reflection + planning; (2) creative self-expression that any individual can tap into to become more connected to her identity and how she shows up in the world; (3) launching new ventures and projects that enable business and lifestyle goals to become one.



PASSION AND PERSEVERANCE. You are deeply moved by the work of facilitation and hosting travel experiences for people, and maybe more importantly, you bring perseverance and grit to make sure you put in the time and effort with clients to go above and beyond. You make sure you show up both literally and figuratively in your work because you know that showing up — well rested, well researched, and fully engaged  — is what will make a difference in this work. This work requires that you fully show up, and on our end, we recognize that by making sure that you find time and space yourself during and after our retreats for yourself.

A GIFTED FACILITATOR. You have multiple years of facilitating workshops, teaching (adult education), or leading travel programs. You have demonstrated a strong understanding of and ability to lead programming related to goal setting, work/life balance, career transition, emotional wellness, and personal narrative building. You are comfortable leading a group of high-achieving adults through workshops, frameworks, and engaging sessions.

A NATURAL MENTOR. You care deeply about seeing people succeed and grow. You know how to support and challenge people in the right ways. You can meet them where they are or take them where they want to go. You are as connected to the infinite field of possibilities and you have a proven toolkit of coaching and mentoring skills.

ENDLESS ENERGY. You get energy from people and you endlessly want to be around people. People are drawn to you, your leadership style, and how it shows up. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a workshop, going out after dinner, or staying in for the night, you want to be where the action is. You’re not above the late nights or administrative work because you know what it takes to create the kinds of experiences that Unsettled is known for. It takes your endless amounts of energy.

A MULTICULTURAL CUSTOMER-ORIENTED PROFESSIONAL. You know what it takes to succeed in a professional environment. You constantly have to earn the respect of the customer. It’s a nonstop job, and you have the professional experience that’ll help you succeed from day one. You’re proud of your experience from industries that seem unrelated, such as high-end restaurants, hotels, and bars. You’re obsessively customer oriented; always working to manage and exceed their expectations.

A COMMUNITY CREATOR. You are an experienced community builder. All your life, you have guided people into the unknown — be it spiritually, physically, or mentally. You are a keen observer and are always looking for opportunities to build strong relationships, positive group dynamics, and meaningful discussions



  • 5+ Years experience in training, program facilitation, or similar field related to personal or professional development.


  • 5+ Years experience in the hospitality industry or leading travel experiences for a similar professional target market


  • Exceptional event planning, running the front stage of an event, and organizational skills
  • Experience building and growing diverse communities
  • Proven ability to work in diverse cultures, environments, and with staff from different backgrounds
  • Comfortable and experienced working in remote environments
  • Fluent in English, with conversational abilities in at least 1 other language
  • Ability to travel for 6-8 months out of the year, with long stretches on the road
  • Extra consideration is given for any formal certification in coaching or training


We believe the greatest benefit of being an Experience Leader at Unsettled is found in the work itself. It’s found when you fully show up to these life-defining experiences and see the impact that your leadership has on a global community. Another benefit is that once you are trained in and can show you fully understand our methodology, we leave space for you to take ownership of many parts of the experience. That is, as you master the Unsettled philosophy, you gain some creative freedom to design, create, and implement your own style onto this impactful work. Other benefits include: 
  • Compensation based on experience and full or part-time role
  • Travel to and from our destinations after your retreats. 
  • Paid time off after a retreat to find the time and space to break out of your own routine. 
  • On-site accommodations, experiences, ground transportation, and some meals covered when on retreat.
  • Travel insurance and if/when your position is full time, health and dental insurance for US citizens or health striped if not a US citizen..


Please email leaders@beunsettled.co no later than February 15 with your CV and a cover letter answering two of the following questions:

(1) Describe your specific work experience (e.g. type of workshops you’ve facilitated) that you will bring to Unsettled. Be specific and describe how this will make you a great Experience Leader.

(2) How would you measure success in this position as an Unsettled Experience Leader? Describe the goals, metrics, and approach you would personally commit to.

(3) Please describe a workshop, program, or type of content you could run for Unsettled. Include as much detail as possible and tell us what our participants (people in transition, someone wanting to launch a new project, etc.) would get out of your session(s).



(1) Do not apply if you are looking for a way to support travel. This is hard work that requires specific experience in hospitality and facilitation.

(2) Do not overlook the long hours with participants or the long periods away from friends and family. If your lifestyle is not mobile or travel compatible, please do not apply.

(3) Do not send us a cover letter about how travel has changed your life (we know, it changed ours too!). Instead, tell us about your specific work experience that will allow you to be successful in this role.

We will interview the most competitive applicants and regret that we cannot reply to all who apply. Early applicants will be given priority.

So. Think you’ve got what it takes?


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Our Impact

“Unsettled is more than travel, it’s more than a work trip, it’s a life-affirming experience where I got to explore who I am and who I want to be in the world. My Unsettled cohort encouraged me, listened to me, challenged me, reflected myself back to me, gave me space to grow, and cared for me. I’ve never laughed so much in one month! I returned from my experience with new-found strength, resilience, and peace, and with some what I hope will be life-long friends.” – Tanya

Stories from our community

At the heart of Unsettled lies thousands of stories. Stories of people who embrace the unknown, challenge themselves, and push beyond their own boundaries. These stories span the breadth of the human experience, and get to the heart of what it means to be human today – to live boldly, no matter what that looks like for each of us….

Unsettled is a global community for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. Our mission is to inspire a lifelong pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure through travel and shared experiences.