Into the Unknown

Musings on the intersection of work, life, adventure and community in the 21st century.

Quit Your Job and Get a Life

Everybody’s life changes a little bit after an Unsettled retreat, but in vastly different ways. Some alumni break old habits, some evolve their perspective, all build new connections and relationships, while others embrace giant life shifts. Here are four recent...

I Have a Question: Curiosity Killed the F*cking Cat, But Where Did it Go After That?

By: Naomi MatlowThere is No Man in the Yellow HatWhy is Curious George always getting into trouble? And why is the Man in the Yellow Hat always available to get George out of a jam? Is curiosity the same as mischief? Can Curious George be both inquisitive and not...

Top 15 Digital Nomad F#*k Ups

From tech mishaps to living in past time zones and forgetting our own names, some of our best travel mishaps from a remote office.

The Unsettled Guide To Working From Home… Successfully

More and more people are working where they live, thanks to flexibility, efficiency and no commute.

This is what I did on my Creative Sabbatical in Bali

Amelia left her corporate lawyer day job in Sydney and landed in Bali with a goal to expand her artistic side…

TED Talk Tuesday: Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is an international capital of design, craftsmanship, and futurism. And the future is now.

TED Talk Tuesday: Buenos Aires

A walk through Palermo, the history of Malbec, double-tango duty and inspiring soccer tales… this is the Buenos Aires you need to discover.

Exploring in A Peak State & Appreciating the Process

Unsettled alumni Ryan Nichols is a Nashville-based sustainable building & design entrepreneur, an expert sailboat barista, and an avid mountaineer, who just returned from his second Unsettled: Sailing adventure in the British Virgin Islands. Also an alum from...

Unsettled Goes Slow: Highlights from Our Slow Travel Contest

By: The Unsettled TeamWe were overjoyed and wholeheartedly inspired by all of our community’s entries to our Slow Travel Contest over at Unsettled HQ. We would be remiss not to share some highlights from your reflections on stillness, insight, and how quiet moments of...

TED Talk Tuesday: Medellin

Nicknamed the City of Eternal Spring, Medellin is also the city of so much more. Full of color, history, creativity, growth, and evolution, there is a story behind every corner and every cup of coffee. From Latin American magical realism to the city’s exponential...

TED Talk Tuesday: The Amazon

Before embarking on your week of adventure in the Madre de Dios, or Mother of God region, deep in the Peruvian Amazon, brush up on your ecology, biodiversity and ethnobotany with today’s TED Talk Tuesday feature. Welcome to the jungle.   “We live in a world where...

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