The Mother City. A culturally diverse, nature-lover's paradise tucked between the Indian and Atlantic oceans. There are thousands of ways to describe Cape Town, but one word summarizes it all: Epic

Unsettled is bringing together 25 people from creative and entrepreneurial backgrounds to live, work, and explore Cape Town together. With breath-taking scenery, blossoming technology, entrepreneurship and creative scenes, a rich mix of cultures and a highly developed tourism industry, Cape Town is considered South Africa’s hot spot, and a beacon for emerging talent across the content.

There's little that this city doesn't offer. From its thriving nightlife and distinct music scene, to a rich selection of outdoor activities (rock climbing, surfing, hiking, biking, shark diving, and more), to the sprawling vineyards and wildlife tours just outside of the city, there are few places on earth with such diversity.


Sept 29 - Oct 28


One Month

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November 1-15 / 16-30



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Unsettled is for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. We attract creatives, entrepreneurs, artists. freelancers, and people going through intentional life or career transitions and asking the big questions. We bring together the intellectually curious who seek to replace routine with adventure, and are looking for a co-created month. You will share the experience of a lifetime in Cape Town alongside a curated group of peers who hold a wealth of experience far deeper than just their careers, and join a growing community of Unsettled alum spread out over 60 countries around the world.

This retreat is ideal for:

  • location independent freelancers and consultants
  • creatives who thrive in movement and change
  • entrepreneurs and business owners 
  • anyone going through a professional transition or looking for a structured sabbatical 

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This experience is designed to offer you an intentional break from your routine, and the space to find inspiration, build new relationships, and grow new ideas. A month with Unsettled is about embracing the unknown, and living the best version of yourself with an incredible community of peers. 

We've truly outdone ourselves this time. But hey, you deserve it. We've secured three stunning villas a short walk from each other, and the beach, in the Western Cape's famous Camp's Bay. A beautiful beachside community just 10-15 minutes from downtown Cape Town, it offers the scene views, vibrant community feel, and beachside vibes all within arm's reach of the city.


  • Private or shared accommodations in a beautiful villla 
  • Airport transfer upon arrival 
  • A local SIM card for your phone 
  • Membership at a local coworking space
  • Peer-to-peer workshops, dinner parties, an opening party, games, BBQs, and facilitated events
  • Full-time on-the-ground team dedicated to organizing activities and share what’s happening around the city each week.
  • Organized weekend activities, adventures, and more in the hills and vineyards outside of the city.
  • A highly-vetted community of 25 creatives from all over the world


1 Month Unsettled In Cape Town
September 29th - October 28th, 2018
→ Shared Rooms ~$2,300
→ Private Rooms ~$3,000

Two-Weeks Unsettled In Cape Town (*NEW!)
November 1st - November 15th &  November 16th - November 30th, 2018
→ Shared Rooms ~ $2,100
→ Private Rooms ~ $2,500
*Just an FYI, prices go up for November as it's Cape Town's high season!


Ready to join us in Cape Town for the adventure of a lifetime?


Becoming one with the penguins on boulders beach
Learning to surf like a pro in Muizenburg
Sitting at plastic tables during a local braai & dancing at Mzolis
Tasting Cape Town's finest wines on a Franschhoek wine tour
Turning a Table mountain hike into an overnight cabin-stay experience
Enjoying a meal Cape Towns finest, most delicious restaurants for under $40
Watching the sunrise from the top of Lion's Head mountain
Visiting Cape Town's best art galleries with wine in hand on the First Thursday of the month
Exploring in Cape Town's best bars until as late as you want :)
Enjoying yoga and meditation on Clifton beach

Cage diving with Great White sharks