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All around the world, although I have still kept my place in San Francisco.

Unsettled destination:
Barcelona, Porto, Lima, Medellin, Marrakech, Bali, Tuscany, and Mexico City.

What do you do for work?
Multilingual Translator, English and Russian Teacher, Voice Actor.

What in your life has changed since living Unsettled?
Nine Unsettled trips down, and I’m now living around the world full time, which I never would have expected to be doing before spending time in Porto with Unsettled November of last year. One of the participants from Bermuda – Raquel – introduced us to Portuguese fado music in a special surprise concert she organized at the apartments during one of our Monday night family dinners. While embracing the spirit of this unique musical style that was completely new for me, I realized that being a nomad was the lifestyle I most wanted and that I was actually internally prepared to take it on.

I had also been wondering how I could use my language skills in Russian, French, Spanish and more to do something I love (vs. something I just do!) and voiceover is the unexpected answer. During Unsettled Marrakech in March, spending time with Egyptian dance instructor and actress Joana from Portugal showed me just how entertaining, playful and fun expressiveness in storytelling can be, a key factor in this new direction I decided to pursue. And I finally had the confidence to go for it! Recently completed my voiceover formation in the commercial, character and narration tracks this past August with super positive results.
I finally reached my goal of attaining a consistent state of internal peace and calmness regardless of any chaos that may be happening around me. Acquired this skill though daily practice, living in the chaotic marketplace of the medina during Unsettled Marrakech. It was tough for me to get there, but by the end of that month, I definitely did. I am now living with a fully open heart, which I only grew into over this past year with Unsettled. It’s amazing how much more incredible life became once I started experiencing 100% true love for so many others and for myself. I had always really liked and appreciated so many people I would come into contact with; however, the power of unconditional love is an absolute game changer in terms of even greater happiness, gratitude and understanding of how extraordinary everyone really is.

What do you value most about the Unsettled community?
Some of the most creative, open-minded, happy, fun, adventurous, brilliant, intriguing, funny, brave, kind, all-around awesome people I have ever met! I love that we are from so many parts of the world as well.

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