Be an Unsettled Fellow.

We're offering a free Unsettled trip every quarter this year.
(Yep. You read that right.)

Why Would We Do That? 

Because we believe everyone should have the ability to live Unsettled for a month, regardless of their financial situation. With a community that is made up of dozens of nationalities, and even more professions, we believe a diverse and inclusive community is not only essential, but necessary.

As a community built upon the fundamental principle of contribution and participation, we're offering a free trip (i.e. waiving our program fee) to an individual who can demonstrate a true committment to bringing something unique to experience. This could be in the form of a highly structured workshop, a lecture, a skill to share, or more.

About Unsettled

Unsettled is a community for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. Who believe that feeling a little bit "unsettled" is a positive impulse for change, innovation, and exploration.

Our 30-day coworking retreats are designed to take your work, life, and adventures beyond traditional borders. When you join us in one of our handpicked locations, you get everything you need to be connected, comfortable, and collaborative: private accommodation, shared workspace, local guide, events, and an immersive community experience.

In 2017, we're headed to Bali, Medellin, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Cape Town, and more. You can learn more on our retreat pages.

Who should apply?

Anyone 18 or older. We don’t care where you've been, where you went to school, or what degrees you have. But we do care if you are: 

A natural leader, mobilizer, and community builder. All your life, you have wanted to guide people into the unknown -- be it spiritually, physically, or mentally. You thrive in new environments, crave diversity, alternative perspectives, new experiences, and living life in the moment.

You are equal parts teacher and student of life. You seek solutions and opportunities for yourself and the people around you, and never complain when the going gets tough. You love working with people, asking big questions, and listening deeply.

You believe life is a process more than a destination, and that it's the constant journey of growth and discovery that makes this a wonderful life.

You can apply by submitting ...


Our selection process:

We will choose one Fellow per quarter, who can pick a month a destination of their choice. 
Our panel of judges include current and former community members who will weigh the following factors:

  1. The potential impact your contribution will have on people's work and lives.
  2. Readers' interest by reviewing the number of votes, reads, comments, and shares.
  3. Your fit into this global community of creatives, entrepreneurs, and Unsettled souls.

Ready to join us no matter if you win or not? There are other ways to join:

  • Apply today
  • For every friend you refer who joins us on a trip, you get $150
  • If you win the contest, you'll be able to apply that credit back to any trip that you sign up for...


Be Unsettled.
Embrace The Unknown. 

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