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Frequently Asked Questions

Unsettled’s Global Passport gives you access to our monthly virtual programming, and a global community of creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals who seek to share their journey of growth.

What am I joining?

Unsettled’s Global Passport is a curated community platform for personal and professional discovery, designed to support remote and independent lifestyles. It gives you access to (1) meaningful connections with values-driven professionals around the world, (2) live workshops, sessions, salons, and conversations on a diverse range of topics and ideas, and (3) peer-to-peer support for your independent careers and lifestyles. 

The experience is designed around monthly themes, with a calendar of workshops, networking sessions, and guest speakers each month. You can sign up for 1 month at a time or for 6 months at a discounted rate.

When and how do I join?

You can sign up for the Global Passport anytime by filling out our short application. We do this so that we can pre-vet members. When you become a member, you’ll get a Global Passport Guide, a thorough onboarding and welcome to the community, access to our monthly calendar of events, Slack channel, and Community Portal (to crowdsource knowledge and search for members). We’ve made things easy, so you’ll be able to instantly start connecting with existing and new members from around the world in a structured way. 

Can my friends and colleagues join?

Yes! Your friends and colleagues can join as participants. In fact, most of Unsettled’s community has grown through trusted friends and referrals. You can send friends an exlcusive invite through this link and receive credit towards an Unsettled travel experience.

We also have participants join as Learning Pods. These are small groups of colleagues or friends who commit to a journey of learning, growth, and discover together. 

How do the monthly themes work?

Each month, we’ll be choosing a shared topic that we’re intellectually curious about, and that we will explore together through guest speakers, special sessions, inspiring conversations, and more. We select far-reaching topics that touch all corners of the globe, and that challenge us to ask the bigger questions and think more deeply about our lives.

The themes, just like everything in the Passport, are optional. They will guide some of our activities and conversations but not all of them. So it’s up to you if you want to plug in or plug out! 

What’s required or expected of me, both for joining and for maintaining my membership?

The few requirements come down to you being an ethically good person. The experience demands respect and kindness from community members. If at any time a member is disrespectful towards other participants, we reserve the right to remove that participant. While you are not required to contribute any specific skills, workshops, or sessions, you are highly encouraged to contribute. Communities are built on those who contribute.

You are…

PEOPLE FOCUSED: You believe in the power of a thoughtful, motivated community of peers who share your life vision.
GIVING OF YOUR TIME: Ready to contribute and know the more you put into this, the more you’ll get out.
ACTION-ORIENTED: Committed to showing up, making connections, and leading your own journey.
VALUES-DRIVEN: You lead by your values and you respect and value inclusivity, diversity, curiosity, and openness.
NOT AN ASSHOLE: This isn’t a good ole boys club. Leave your ego at the doorstep.  

How much time should I invest in a typical week or month? Do I have to go to all the sessions?

The time you spend in the Passport is up to you.  The Unsettled experience is your experience, don’t forget! We create just enough structure so that you can plug into the different activities, workshops, and connect with people as you wish, on your own time. It’s there for when, and how, you want to explore. An average participant spends 2 to 3 hours per week joining a workshop, guest speaker session, or networking.

Nothing is required, and everything is voluntary; however, we do look for people who contribute, and highly recommend that you do. Typically, the more you put into your experience, the more you get out. Our role is to provide a platform so you are informed and can participate as you like. We don’t judge on when you show up. Just how you show up.

Can I host my own events as a participant in the community?

Yes. In fact, we actively encourge it! As you are onboarded in your first month, we will share several ways for how you can host your events, what types of events are relevant, and share tips, tools, and opportunities to schedule your event.

What’s the difference between Unsettled’s Global Passport and Unsettled’s Lifestyle Incubator/virtual retreat?

Unsettled’s Lifestyle Incubator program is a highly interactive yet structured 4-week online course. It’s programming is specifically designed for professionals who are seeking to redefine their career trajectory and navigate through their next big transition with intention and clarity. You can learn more about it here.

Unsettled’s Global Passport is a co-created community experience. While there is structure to each month, we don’t have a “curriculum”, and the content is fresh and different each month. It’s open to anyone looking to make high-quality global connections, explore new ideas or themes, find support on projects, and learn in a collaborative environment. 

Who is Unsettled for?

Our community attracts intellectually curious solopreneurs, creatives, and professionals of all backgrounds who are starting new ventures, seeking new direction, and growing new projects. We are a diverse, global, and eclectic collective who share a common desire to connect, collaborate, and contribute along each others’ journey. We value peer-to-peer feedback, support, and learning and we embrace uncertainty and value meaningful human connection. 

We are architects, coaches, designers, founders and cofounders, illustrators, lawyers and burnout lawyers, marketers and digital marketers, and writers…and yet, we all find ourselves embracing the fluid nature of our lives and realize tomorrow holds unlimited possibility. You can meet our community here.

In Unsettled’s Global Passport experience, you will find a community that is made of…

Global, high-quality connections 
– Intellectually curious, culturally diverse participants
– Relevant, professional experience ready and willing to provide feedback on your projects 
– Professional resources, new ways of doing things, and a bias towards action 
– Fresh perspective, ideas, and opportunities
– Authentic, genuine, and vulnerable conversations 
– Remote workers, unconventional pathways, and non-linear lifestyles

Is there a shared mindset or set of values in the community? What brings this community together?

Unsettled is a global community with people from all types of backgrounds. We are guided by these five principles. You can see explore them here.

This entire process begins with your commitment to being open – to different perspectives, to self-exploration, to new experiences, to experimenting, and to being uncomfortable or vulnerable. Openness is both a way of behaving and a state of mind. It’s a special combination of showing up, staying flexible, and leaving room for something new.

It’s almost impossible to be open if we are afraid of being judged. By offering each other a safe and non-judgemental space, we commit to getting the most value out of our time together. The same goes for judging ourselves. A judgement-free environment means we respect that each one of us is on a unique personal journey and allow for differing opinions, take time to respond thoughtfully, and make sure it’s always safe for us to go deep.

Participation and Contribution:
The more you show up, the more you will get out of this experience. This time has the opportunity to be a transformative experience… but only if we actively participate. Staying present and engaging regularly is key: your experience will be built upon your participation. Show up as fully as you can in each moment and remember, everyone has something valuable to contribute, including you.

Accountability is about owning your journey, your actions, and your words. While there is some collective accountability and responsibility within our experiences, the only person who will be with you every step of the way is… yourself! Accountability is an invitation and a responsibility to be there for yourself and for others. To show up, to do the work, to set aside the time. Own your journey and don’t short change yourself.

Embrace The Unknown:
To live Unsettled is to become comfortable with the unknown. To explore new opportunities. Take risks. To sit with the discomfort and look for the unique value in it. To push your boundaries and understand that not knowing everything is part of the fun!

What happens if I pay for the month, I love it, and then I sign up for the 6 month option?

Awesome. We get that some people want to experience things first before diving all-in. You are welcome to sign up for the monthly option at $69 before committing to 6 months. After your first month, we will email you a special offer which will take the $69 off the $349 price of 6 months. This is only valid after your first month.

Is my membership fee tax-deductible? 

While we cannot speak to every tax system in the world, much less any single tax system, you should be able to categorize the Unsettled Passport in the same way you would a conference or other professional development item!

Can I get my company to pay for this?

Yes, this is very common. There are many members in the Passport experience whose companies cover their fees to join. We encourage you to ask your employer as many organizations clearly see this in your and their benefit for personal and professional growth, learning, skills development, and networking.

How, when, and where do I cancel?

If you pay the monthly, “Tourist Visa” plan, you can cancel anytime by contact us at members@beunsettled.co. Upon cancelation, you will not be charged for the next month’s payment. Once a month has been paid for, we do not refund, prorate or discount that month. The six month “Residency” plan does not renew automatically. Once you pay for this six-month plan, it will not be refunded, prorated or discounted.

What technology do I need for this?

Your technology needs are fairly simple and straightforward:

  • Access to a computer and reliable internet (at the times above)
  • The ability to run Zoom, a popular video conferencing app that’s easy to download on nearly every device and in most countries.
  • Slack, a simple group communications platform that’s easy to understand and use, whether it’s your first time or you use it 100 times/day.

How many events are there per month?

Due to the nature of this community being co-created, the amount of Live Sessions varies month to month. Unsettled hosts a set of weekly events aimed to connect the community in different levels and we encourage members to host their own sessions as well. Based on past months, you can expect more than 20 live events per month that are available and free for you to join!

What did we miss?

You tell us :). Feel free to reach out to us at members@beunsettled.co if there’s anything you didn’t find here!


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Our Guiding Philosophy

To guide people on a quest of life, meaning and adventure. Fuel inspiration, exploration and discovery of the world around us. Create value that enriches and improves the human experience. Seek purpose and meaning, wherever it may lie. Aspire to always push the boundaries of the unknown. Think differently about tomorrow, and seize the opportunities today that will make it possible.

Unsettled is a global community for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. Our mission is to inspire a lifelong pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure through travel and shared experiences.