Jeju, South Korea

september & october 2016

Jeju is a South Korean island just off the mainland and one of the most popular vacation destinations among South Koreans. The island has the same world class tech infrastructure as the mainland — with some of the fastest mobile and internet speeds on the planet — but in a paradise setting with beautiful beaches, volcanic landscapes, and Korean culture. 

From day one, we will be integrated into Korea's startup, tech, and creative ecosystems via local connectors, co-working spaces, and special events co-hosted by Unsettled (Ad)ventures and local partners. We will also bring plenty of Korean culture (and food) into our lives by hosting guest lecturers, local artists, and Korean philosophers throughout the month.


South Korea has some of the fastest internet and mobile connectivity in the world, a thriving tech-driven economy, and a startup scene that rivals any innovation ecosystem in the world. This trip is ideal for:

  • developers
  • startup teams
  • founders and cofounders
  • designers
  • technologists

THE BASICS (What's included!)

  • 30-days or 2 weeks of accommodation and coworking in Jeju, South Korea
  • Onsite coworking space and membership at a local coworking space 
  • Private or shared rooms (discount for shared rooms)
  • Breakfast, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Peer-to-peer workshops, goal setting sessions, guest speakers, and much more
  • Price will be approximately $2,250 USD for the full month (not including transportation)

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Scenes from Jeju

What is there to do in Jeju?

Jeju's climate and geography is similar to the Hawaiian islands. You can count on unlimited water sports (diving, kite surfing and much more), but given the size of the island (1,848 sq km) there is much more to this popular destination than at first glance.

  • Hiking -- including the highest mountain in South Korea, waterfalls, and dominant volcanos
  • Beaches -- nearly unlimited tropical beaches with clear water, white sand, and glamorous beach clubs
  • Free diving -- with a long tradition, especially among women, Jeju is one of the free diving capitals of the world
  • Caving -- go underground and explore the longest lava tubes in the world
  • Cycling -- many of the most popular roads have bike lanes, and the laid back 'island time" mentality reportedly makes for friendly drivers
  • Culture -- from traditional (food, architecture, several UNESCO World Heritage sites) to pop culture (teddy bear museum, sex museum, etc.) you can find it all