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An ancient melting pot of cultures, traditions, art and design, Morocco’s most famous Imperial City hosts a thriving contrast between ancient and modern life. It is the ultimate destination to get lost, dig deep, and discover. 

Unsettled: Morocco is a uniquely co-created experience designed to offer a true taste of cultural immersion, creative inspiration, and a renewed sense of productivity in one of the world’s most fascinating cities. With the intersections of art, culture, and tradition deeply rooted in everyday life, this experience is about diving into your senses, and exploring a ciy that will challenge you to grow with 20 incredible peers from around the world.

The Basics

Marrakech, Morocco

1 Month


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The Community and Experience

The Unsettled is a community for those who refuse to settle in their pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure. We bring together creatives, entrepreneurs, and the intellectually curious who seek to replace routine with adventure. You will share this retreat with like-minded peers who hold a wealth of experience far deeper than just their careers and join our growing community of Unsettled alumni spread out over 80 countries around the world.

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This experience is about you. It’s about taking an intentional break from your routine, finding new perspective, building new relationships, growing new ideas, and exploring with intention among an incredible backdrop of people and place.

Unsettled Morocco

We’ll be staying in the heart of the ancient Medina, in traditional Moroccan riads (guesthouses) that combine Moorish architecture and artisanal design to create a relaxing and peaceful home vibe in the center of the bustling city. These riads are multi-level square shaped houses with an open courtyard on the ground floor, and a roof terrace for sunbathing or catching a view of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the distance. Each level has bedrooms that open to the center of the house and at least one communal living area between each room.

These riads are truly historic buildings, in some cases over 200 years old, located in a UNESCO World Heritage site. Expect a truly authentic co-living experience in the heart of old Marrakech that have unique history, color, and character.

I had some of the most interesting, raw, and enlightening conversations of my life at Unsettled. For those conversations alone, the Unsettled experience is worth it…

Jacqui Pawson

Senior Analyst

This entire month is an opportunity to step out of your bubble or comfort zone and take a look at your life from a completely different angle. The people you’ll meet are from all different backgrounds, and will provide you with a new perspective on life and help you realize some of your hidden skills…

Hussein Hamoud

Software Engineer

Unsettled is the kind of experience you can’t really explain to someone unless they’ve done it themselves. No matter how your experience was, you will have definitely learned something new… just do it!

Annette Muller


What’s Provided

  • Private accommodations in historic riads. Your home away from home.
  • A full-time workspace to be productive, get creative, and reimagine what’s possible in a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime.
  • A curated community of diverse, like-minded peers from around the world who hold a wealth of experience far deeper than their careers.
  • A fully dedicated team of experience leaders and local experts who challenge your perspective and support your exploration, growth, and adventures.
  • A curated calendar of events with community sessions, dinner parties, happy hours, local experiences and classes, peer-to-peer and facilitated workshops, excursions, and more.
  • + all the little extras: Local SIM card & airport pickups upon arrival, location guides and logistics, and plenty of surprises. 

Upcoming Dates

No current dates available for this location. Stay tuned.


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