A mystical melting pot of cultures, traditions, art and design, Morocco's most famous Imperial City hosts a thriving contrast between ancient and modern life. Located just two hours from the Atlantic coast in the heart of the country, this fiery historic hub is Morocco’s pride and joy.

This February and March only, we're bringing together 20 people from creative and entrepreneurial backgrounds to live, co-work from, and explore Marrakech together for one month at a time. The Unsettled experience is designed to offer you an intentional break from your routine, and the space to find inspiration, build new relationships, and grow new ideas. A month with Unsettled is about embracing the unknown, and living the best version of yourself with an incredible community of peers while still being productive.









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Red clay architecture against a blue sky and dotted with palm trees - that’s Marrakech. Marrakech is actually two cities - the old medina and Gueliz, the new town. Heavily influenced by the west, Gueliz boasts a chic nightlife scene and all the comforts of the European world set against an Arabic backdrop, whereas the ancient medina’s tall red walls encompass an old town still rooted deep in Berber, Arab and Jewish traditions, and its curiosities continue to lure visitors from all corners of the world for generations. 


Unsettled is for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. We attract creatives, entrepreneurs, artists. freelancers, and people going through intentional life or career transitions and asking the big questions. We bring together the intellectually curious who seek to replace routine with adventure, and are looking for a co-created month diving into the unknown. You will share the experience of a lifetime in Marrakech alongside a curated group of peers who hold a wealth of experience far deeper than just their careers, and join a growing community of Unsettled alum spread out over 40 countries around the world.

This retreat is ideal for:

  • location independent freelancers and consultants
  • creatives who thrive in movement and change
  • entrepreneurs and business owners 
  • anyone going through a professional transition or looking for a structured sabbatical 


“This entire month is an opportunity to step out of your bubble or comfort zone and take a look at your life from a completely different angle. The people you’ll meet are often from a different background than yours, they will provide you with a new perspective of your life. They will help you realize some of your hidden/unused skills…
— Hussein Hamoud, Software Engineer, Lebanon
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Unsettled is the kind of experience you can’t really explain to someone unless they’ve done it themselves. Step out of your comfort zone and just do it! “Damn, I really shouldn’t have done that Unsettled month” said no-one ever!! No matter how your experience was, you will have definitely learned something new.
— Annette, Founder, Flexyskills, South Africa

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Unsettled: Marrakech is designed for the adventurous among us. Those who find clarity from contrasts and seek difference in the world. You'll be staying in the heart of the ancient Medina, in traditional Moroccan riads (guesthouses) that combine Moorish architecture and artisanal design to create a relaxing and peaceful home vibe in the center of the bustling city. These riads are multi-level square shaped houses with an open courtyard on the ground floor, and a roof terrace for sunbathing or catching a view of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the distance. Each level has bedrooms that open to the center of the house and at least one communal living area between each room. 

These riads are truly historic buildings, in some cases over 200 years old, located in a UNESCO World Heritage site. Don't expect a 5-star luxury hotel, but a truly authentic co-living experience in the heart of old Marrakech that have unique history, color, and character. 


  • Private rooms in communal-style private riads in the heart of the Medina.
  • Full daily breakfast included Mondays-Fridays. 
  • Airport transfer upon arrival.
  • A local SIM card for your phone.
  • Membership at a local coworking space.
  • Peer-to-peer workshops, dinner parties, an opening party, games, and facilitated events.
  • Full-time staff who are dedicated to organizing activities and connecting you to what's happening around the city each week.
  • Options for weekend activities, adventures, and more in and around the city.
  • A highly-vetted community of creatives from all over the world."


1 Month Unsettled in Marrakech (February & March, 2018) 

→$2,300 USD and up (Depending on room type)