From 2014 to present, the founders of Unsettled have organized and hosted multiple retreats around the world. All of these retreats have had a different purpose, designed for a different group of people, and co-created with a different set of partners. They have greatly informed our vision and how we run our retreats, and we are forever grateful for these past experiences. Here's a sampling from our past.

Work from Bali

November 2014

In 2014, the original Work from Anywhere got underway when 40 creatives and entrepreneurs came together for a 30-day coworking retreat in Bali. The connections from that trip have remained strong, and that experience has shaped nearly every person one way or another. This was also a deep learning experience to test our model, locations, amenities and our value proposition, which we are committed to improving each step of this journey.


“You have this combination of things, it’s not just working from another place, it’s having this environment that helps you be more creative and pumped up to work."

- Carol Peixoto

Carol is a creative director and graphic design from Rio de Janeiro. She joined Work from Bali in 2014 and has remained close friends with several people since.

"It’s a better work environment than I think I could ask for anywhere." 

-Sam Solie

Sam is an adventurer and entrepreneur who joined Work from Bali in 2014. We got the chance to catch up a few weeks ago and went backcountry skiing together in Colorado. 

Scenes from Work From Bali

Work from Curaçao


After the Bali retreat, the second Work from Anywhere experience was held in the Dutch Antilles. At our doorstep we had 80 mbps internet, sailing, beach clubs, a private pool, and loads of work and adventure.


“As a freelancer, I was missing the buzz and creative environment of a studio, so being able to chip in and advise on brand and design discussions, as well as ask experts in other fields for advice was invaluable.”

- Alex Ellington

Alex is a freelance creative director, designer and brand strategist. After our 2015 trip in Curaçao, she rented out her flat in London in decided to travel around the world for the next two years.

Scenes from Curaçao

Piratebox, British Virgin Islands

APRIL - MAY, 2014

Where it all got started. Capt. Kalan and Capt. Youngblood organized the retreat that started it all. While not a work focused event, this planted the seed for the incredible power of shared experiences while traveling with great people.