TEAM Journeys™ for Remote Companies

Unsettled Team Journeys™ guides companies to make the most of remote work through a proven framework of interactive virtual experiences and asynchronous exercises that supercharge collaboration. We work with your team to co-create a more productive, connected, and humane work from anywhere culture.


According to a study from the University of Michigan, colleagues who occupy the same floor are 57 percent more likely to form new collaborations. If your team won’t meet in person until 2021 – or beyond – what does this mean for your organization?

Business success today depends on whether companies can collaborate effectively in a remote environment. Team Journeys™ supercharges your efforts here, by building lasting pathways to communication and connection, where they didn’t exist before.



Unsettled has hosted 100+ experiences with participants from 80+ countries, and employees from…

Our virtual experiences are a bit like a reverse mullet: lots of fun up front, and all business in the back. You can think of them as the intersection of entertaining teambuilding, and substantive individual and organizational learning and development.

Over a month of interactive weekly sessions that connect your team, and intentional, introspective assessments that surface key insights, together we:

  • Find opportunities to improve communication and collaboration, and ensure current (and future) employees stay happy and engaged as they work from home.
  • Build community consensus around solutions to your most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities around remote culture.
  • Develop a comprehensive set of best practices for remote work, both across your organization, and for each individual teammate.
  • Create deeper, more meaningful team connections across geography, role, and seniority level.

The result? A more productive, connected, and humane virtual environment, where everyone can bring their whole self to work each day.


We believe remote experiences are a bonus, rather than a barrier, because they introduce unexpected opportunities to bring people who wouldn’t otherwise meet. This foundation of belonging provides the courage to surface new ideas, to be different, and to lead.

We carefully design these journeys as intimate spaces for employees to show up fully, as themselves. We also understand they have to be a joy to participate in. Building fun, unexpected moments into the journey is part of our DNA.

From out-of-the-box solutions to fully customized programming and sessions, Unsettled’s Team Journeys™ deliver both personal and professional growth for lasting impact on organizations around the world.


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Working with Unsettled was an amazing and unique experience. Our 10-day leadership learning journey was not only well organized but thoughtfully crafted and curated. The team worked hard to blend our leadership program into a seamless experience, and our group left with new inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose. I would highly recommend partnering with Unsettled, as they are true experience designers and know how to make every moment count.
Dr. Mary McBride

Chair, Arts and Cultural Management and Design Management programs at Pratt Institute. Former Director of the Management Decision Laboratory at NYU Stern School of Business.

Unsettled has helped startups, SMBs, and Fortune 50 corporations discover how to turn remote work challenges into remote work opportunities. Now, we’re ready to bring our approach, frameworks, and tools to your company.

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