There's a reason you Landed here.

Let’s face it. It’s no small decision.

 And, Unsettled isn’t for everyone. It’s for those looking to grow, experiment, learn, and take the unconventional path forward – whatever that means to you. We know there are a million and one ways you can talk yourself out of experiencing Unsettled.

That’s fine with us…

Then again, you came across Unsettled for a reason. You applied for a reason. And now, look at that. You’re here.  There’s nothing more we can say to convince you (nor do we want to – it’s your life, your decision), so we’ve decided to step back, and let our community speak for themselves.

We’ve created this page as a resource for you to get to know us, our community, and our experiences a bit better. You’ll find stories, recordings, testimonials and more from our participants, who come from over 80 countries and all walks of life. They were in your shoes once, and so we think they’re best qualified to share, in their own words, what they’ve found in Unsettled.


(…is what people tell us…)

Adventure on,
…and maybe we’ll see you on our next journey.


From the Unsettled Blog…

Choosing A Season Of Wandering Was The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done In Life

By Melody Miles, Former Program Officer at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & Unsettled Peru & Sailing alum

How 30 Strangers In Bali Helped Me Become An Entrepreneur

By Carly Helfand, Writer, Entrepreneur, & Unsettled Bali alum

How I Am Traveling The World And Getting Paid For It

Q&A With Hussein Hamoud, Software Engineering Consultant & Barcelona alum

10 Things To Expect From Your Unsettled Experience

By Monet Thomas, Writer & Porto Alum

From our alumni around the web…

5 (Of Many) Things I Learned On Sabbatical In Bali

By Matthew Nkala, Digital Strategist & Unsettled Bali alum

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What to Expect on a Two Week Unsettled Retreat – Buenos Aires Edition

By Michelle Halpern, Live Like It’s The Weekend Founder & Buenos Aires alum

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5 Reasons Working Abroad is Good for Business - And Your Soul

By Miranda Boisvert, Marketing Manager for & Unsettled Bali alum

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Being a Bit Unsettled in Tuscany

By Wendy Castleman, Design Strategist, Leadership Coach, & Unsettled Tuscany alum

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Why Consulting Is The New Cubicle

By Carolina Ramirez Herrera, Principle at CRH Collective & Unsettled Cape Town alum

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My Month With Unsettled Medellin

By Eugene Leventhal, Founder of eduDAO & Unsettled Medellin alum

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Living a Regret-Free Life While Contributing to the World

By Tahira Hayes, Correspondent-at-large for CU Times, & Unsettled Cape Town alum

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The Joy of Becoming Unsettled

By Seth Haber, Founder of TrekLight Gear & Unsettled Buenos Aires alum

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Audio testimonials from real Unsettlers

Nathan Seaward

Life Coach, Ex-Commercial Airline Pilot & Unsettled Medellin & Sailing Alum

Michele Osula

Senior Recruiter at European Investment Bank & Unsettled Sailing Alum

Ryan Brown

Chief Development Officer at Hurdl, Investor, & Unsettled Tuscany Alum

Ghalia Naseer

Head of Corporate Affairs, DH Group, & Unsettled Tuscany Alum

Mariana Santos

Founder & CEO at Chicas Poderosas, & Unsettled Nicaragua Alum

Renee Standage

Unsettled Community Team & Unsettled Cape Town Alum!

Ahmen Mosen

Travel Videographer, Storyteller & Unsettled Bali Alum

Rob Earp

Founder, Wonk Media & Unsettled Medellin and Buenos Aires Alum


What’s happening on our current trips?


Videos from us and our community…

Unsettled: Highlight Reel (2017)

Unsettled Sailing: BVI (2018)

Unsettled’s Founding Story

Unsettled Bali: Personal Stories

Unsettled “Ask Me Anything” With Our Experience Leaders

Unsettled: Bali In One Month With Ahmed Mosen (Arabic)

Unsettled Sailing: Thailand 2018 (By Marco Atef)

Unsettled Mini-Journeys: Sacred Valley, Peru 2019

Unsettled Mini-Journeys: Barcelona 2018

Unsettled Mini-Journeys: Morocco, 2018

Unsettled Mini-Journeys: Lima, Peru, 2019

Unsettled: Expect The Unexpected. Mexico City, 2018



We bring together artists and entrepreneurs, designers and developers, executives and explorers. What you do is up to you, but we look for people who are interested in co-creating an experience based on collaboration, growth and adventure.


Place is not simply a destination. Place is defined by the meaning we ascribe to it. We curate experiences in places where you can get lost, dig deeper, make connections, and step back, reflect, learn, and live life at its fullest.


We explore, we get lost, we live in the moment. We don’t limit ourselves in the depth of our conversations nor the outcomes we can imagine for ourselves. We remove the expectations, and create a space where you can push your comfort zones, challenge your perspectives, and discover new ways of working, living, and being. 

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Unsettled is a global community for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. Our mission is to inspire a lifelong pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure through travel and shared experiences.

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