The Unsettled manifesto

You’ve worked hard.

You did everything you were told. Checked the boxes, one by one, as your years went by.

You finished college. Made great friends. Started a career for yourself.  Sure, there were some bumps in the road, but whatever. In the end, you did it.

You got an apartment, lived the city life, and took your two weeks of vacation a year.  You learned how to survive – no, thrive – on your own.

And then, it all seemed to slow down.  At some point, you couldn’t help but wonder,

“Is this it?”

You have this undeniable feeling that there’s something more. Something different. You look at all the things you’ve collected, and they suddenly seem less relevant to who you are or what’s important. They’re just things.

You’ve realized that fear is an illusion. That the unknown is far more interesting than the known. That community is the strongest form of currency, and your “net worth” is not what you own; it’s who you share it with.

You know who you are.
And you know what you seek.

Life’s a process; there’s no destination.  And it’s the constant journey of growth and discovery that keeps us venturing on.

Don’t fear the unknown.
Embrace it.

Welcome to Unsettled.


Unsettled is a global community for those who live and work differently. 

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