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Unsettled’s community holds over 1300 alumni from 80+ countries spanning ages 21 – 75 years old. We are creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, and people asking the big questions of life. We bring together the intellectually curious who seek to replace routine with adventure, and refuse to settle in their pursuit of purpose and meaning. From CEOs, CMOs and CFOs to farmers, designers, architects, captains, scientists, rare book collectors, illustrators, painters, poets, professional coaches, and more, we are global and inclusive.

Are you…

• In transition between careers or contracts and seeking fresh perspective?
• A freelancer who believes that we can be “independent” and still have community?
• An entrepreneur, startup team, or small business owner?
• A designer, builder, or developer looking to shake things up?
• Not an asshole?

What past participants are saying

“Anyone can travel alone, but I really wanted to explore a new place with a community of people from around the world and build life-long bonds. Since my time with Unsettled, while I have not decided exactly where I want to lay roots, I know that I will definitely look for purpose in my future travels, rather than wanting to see a new place just because it looks cool or makes for a great photo…”

Stories from our community

At the heart of Unsettled lies thousands of stories. Stories of people who embrace the unknown, challenge themselves, and push beyond their own boundaries. These stories span the breadth of the human experience, and get to the heart of what it means to be human today – to live boldly, no matter what that looks like for each of us….

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