Immersive travel experiences designed to fuel inspiration and creativity
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Moleskine | Unsettled Retreats are immersive community travel experiences specifically designed to ignite your creative process.

Extraordinary travel experiences are made up of more than just beautiful destinations. They are defined by the people you meet, the memories you make, and the inspiration you uncover.

These are the elements that make up this unique partnership between Moleskine® and Unsettled; traveling to places that inspire us, finding communities that challenge us, and immersing ourselves in experiences that unlock a world of hidden possibility and potential.

Part coworking retreat and part and creativity incubator, each Moleskine | Unsettled experience is specifically designed for professionals of all backgrounds seeking to find new creative inspiration while still staying productive. This is your time to learn, create, and explore.

We believe in the infinite power of travel to inspire.
We move to be moved.

Upcoming Moleskine | Unsettled Retreats

Bali Retreats

One Month

Mexico City Retreats

Two Weeks

Crafted with Passion and Personality

Moleskine and Unsettled share the same core values. We both believe in the transformative power of travel and letting curiosity guide our exploration of the world around us. With our eyes — and notebooks — wide open, these co-created experiences allow us to dig deeper, discover new connections, and share extraordinary journeys together, one destination at a time. Join us for two weeks or one month to see where your curiosity can take you…

Your journey begins now...

Join one of the first Moleskine | Unsettled Retreats this spring and kickstart your creative journey.

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