An unconventional, collaborative, and global 4-week virtual retreat that challenges you to find clarity on what’s next. 


  • Before you make your next move, be intentional with your first step. Start your journey with our ONLINE LIFESTYLE INCUBATOR PROGRAM designed for those seeking more clarity and meaning in their career.
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 Life is an adventure into the unknown.
Knowing how to be intentional and navigate towards what you want next may be the most fundamental tool you ever learn.

Unsettled’s Lifestyle Incubator is the world’s first virtual retreat that gives you the time, space, tools, and community to navigate your biggest career and lifestyle questions with intention and clarity.

Our combination of live sessions, interactive workshops, practical tools, original frameworks, and peer-to-peer conversations will help you identify the core tensions between the lifestyle you want and the career trajectory that aligns your values, interests, and skills.




  • Before you make your next move, be intentional with your first step. Start your journey with our ONLINE LIFESTYLE INCUBATOR PROGRAM designed for those seeking more clarity and meaning in their career.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


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This is not your typical online course. Unsettled’s Lifestyle Incubator is a 30-day collaborative journey designed to help you find clarity around what’s next for you.

For one month, Unsettled’s facilitators will guide you through essential tools and frameworks for navigating uncertainty, processes to dig deeper into your biggest questions, and frameworks for planning and setting clear intentions for the choices you make that define who you are and what you do.

You will learn alongside a curated group of professional peers from around the world who will both support you and hold you accountable to your personal and professional growth goals.

By the end of this virtual retreat, you will have an awareness of what it is you want, a vision for what that looks like, and a plan to begin to take steps every day to get you closer to alignment between your career and your life.


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“I’ve never experienced a remote community of this depth and insight.”
-Rebekah Lipsky, Coach & Ex-McKinsey Consultant

“It provided a framework to do the exploration that I’ve been scratching at for a long time.”
-Liza Mroz, Senior Organizational Effectiveness Consultant & Certified Sommelier

15 Hours of Original Workshops and Sessions Delivered Live, also recorded and available for download after each session.

4 Weeks of Interactive Online Programming, with two live sessions per week alongside offline content & conversations.

A 24/7 Community Platform to connect, share, and reflect daily with other professionals from around the globe.

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We’ve designed this journey to push the boundaries of your thinking in three parts:

(1) Our approach to radical self-awareness and self-assessment that will give you the best understanding of your values, interests, and goals you’ve ever had.

(2) An in-depth methodology to truly design your next career move based on your desired lifestyle and what you discovered in part 1.

(3) A plan of action that is achievable, will get you on the trajectory you’ve designed, and that you truly believe in and come back to time and time again, along with practical tools to keep you on track and help you navigate uncertainty ahead.


Our desire for change is often rooted in an evolving definition of ourselves. Something has changed, and in doing so has shifted our personal frameworks, priorities, and even definitions of success. Extensive self-awareness and a process of radical self-discovery leads to better alignment between our work lives and our lifestyles. Being radically aware of your interests, values, and lifestyle preferences will have a direct impact on how you will define and shape your transition. 

In this module, we will practice self-assessment and mapping of our values, interests, lifestyle preferences, and work style. When we understand that the only constant in life is change itself, we need to learn the tools to cultivate and practice a constant sense of self-awareness around our decision making, and flex this skillset not just during periods of transition, but also throughout our lives.



It should come as no surprise that at Unsettled we believe our careers should support and enhance our lifestyles. We do not see a separation between work and life. There is no “work/life balance” to be sought, only integration of our careers into our lives so that they serve the same end. An integrated answer to the question, ‘What do you want out of your one short life on this planet?’ 

We often think our lives our defined by the major decisions. Yet true momentum is built one choice and one decision at a time.

With a seemingly infinite realm of opportunities and decisions we face each day, all decisions benefit from being guided by a sense of purpose; a blueprint of how to get what you want out of life. Like most things with lasting value, to build anything requires that you have a vision, a design, and a plan for how you will build it.

iii. Experimentation & PRACTICE

When we say “life is an experiment” we mean it in the truest sense. Yet it’s not a series of random experiments; It’s an experiment within your life’s vision. A process of trial and error, discovery and reflection, we must go through before understanding what works for us.  

You will learn our approach of how to conduct small experiments throughout life anytime you are asking “What’s next for me?”. How to track your progress, stay on course, evaluate decisions, and make micro-adjustments when necessary.  

When you finish this final unit, you will know more about what you want (self-awareness), have a plan laid out for how you will get there (lifestyle design), and a totally new approach for taking small steps that can get closer and closer to what’s next for you.

Who Is Unsettled’s Lifestyle Incubator For?

Are you chugging along in your career without a clear heading? Transitioning out of your career, and seeking to design the next stage of our life? At a crossroads, taking a sabbatical, or feeling the need to hit pause, assess, and design your next step to make sure it’s intentional?

Unsettled’s Lifestyle Incubator is for professionals of any age who are ready to…

  • Design your next move. For those who want to be intentional about making a career or lifestyle change.
  • Create an independent lifestyle that has alignment between your career and your life.
  • Get a clearer picture of what’s next, and learn to reframe your story and trajectory based on what’s meaningful to you.

If you’re feeling stuck and looking for the essential tools for lifelong learning, the processes to dig deeper into your biggest career and lifestyle questions, and a highly interactive and collaborative community of peers to help you grow, then this is for you.


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Since 2016, Unsettled has taken over 2,500 participants on a journey that’s allowed them an intentional pause to think more deeply about the question “What’s next for me?” 

The process behind Unsettled has brought us to 25+ countries. Won us awards from the United Nations and recognition from publications like The New York Times. We ask the big questions, but we don’t prescribe one-size-fits-all answers or solutions. 

We’re so confident in this program that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you complete the course and are not satisfied, we will credit you the full amount you paid to another Unsettled retreat, virtual or in-person.

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