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Belonging Everywhere & Nowhere with Unsettled Alum Melody Miles

“I now believe that sometimes the best thing we can do is open ourselves up to new people: to let them pass through our lives without expectations or agendas, but with curiosity and a soft invitation to let them change us.”

The Career Ladder is Officially Broken. Enter The Monkey Bars.

If the career ladder is about a progressive journey towards success, mastering the monkey bars is about learning how to propel yourself across the open spaces. If you do not begin to master the swing, at some point the ladder will break.

Quit Your Job and Get a Life

Everybody’s life changes a little bit after an Unsettled retreat, but in vastly different ways. Some alumni break old habits, some evolve their perspective, all build new connections and relationships, while others embrace giant life shifts. Here are four recent...

The Unsettled Guide To Working From Home… Successfully

More and more people are working where they live, thanks to flexibility, efficiency and no commute.

This Is What I Did On My Creative Sabbatical In Bali

Amelia left her corporate lawyer day job in Sydney and landed in Bali with a goal to expand her artistic side…

Zen and the Art of the Underachiever

What did you want to be when you grew up? We’re not talking doctor, lawyer, or astronaut… what was your real childhood dream job before expectations set in?

How To Build A Remote Team: Lessons From Unsettled

For two and half years, we have built Unsettled as a fully remote, global company. We have no office. We call ourselves #TeamNoPants because let’s be honest, a lot of times some of us aren’t wearing pants.

Why You Need To Get Lost… And Often

“When I’ve been told to “get lost”, I have inadvertently been given a gift…”


When Plan A Doesn’t Work… What’s Next?

When Plan A Doesn’t Work… What’s Next?

“My intuition was right. She always is, when I choose to listen to her. Bali was one of the most magical experiences of my life. I met people who embraced the way I see the world and inspired me to dream bigger, to love harder, to think wilder, and to create a life filled with joy.”
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Why Are We Going to Costa Rica?

Why Are We Going to Costa Rica?

F*%$ distractions. They take and take and take. It’s time to get serious - to remove all distractions from our lives and to replace it with what we really need: space and time to pursue the essence of what we aspire to be.
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Our Top 10 Travel Apps for Solo Travelers

Our Top 10 Travel Apps for Solo Travelers

By: Naomi Matlow Ready to fill up that phone for optimal use before you fill up that suitcase for your solo travel adventure? We got your back. We’ve curated our top 10 travel apps to help you get lost and found again, translate that mysterious soda label, and figure...

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