Into the Unknown

Musings on the intersection of work, life, adventure and community in the 21st century.

Zen and the Art of the Underachiever

What did you want to be when you grew up? We’re not talking doctor, lawyer, or astronaut… what was your real childhood dream job before expectations set in?

How To Build A Remote Team: Lessons From Unsettled

For two and half years, we have built Unsettled as a fully remote, global company. We have no office. We call ourselves #TeamNoPants because let’s be honest, a lot of times some of us aren’t wearing pants.

Why You Need To Get Lost… And Often

“When I’ve been told to “get lost”, I have inadvertently been given a gift…”

How I Went From Sabbatical To Promotion After Living Unsettled

Bali alumni Noha was burnt out, unmotivated and exhausted at work. So she took a four-month break from her job, dug into her creative side, and returned back to a promotion at work.

“How Solo Traveling Made Me A More Productive Entrepreneur”

Tekisha Harvey was never made for corporate America. So after 17 years of climbing the ladder, she quit, headed to Unsettled Cape Town, and began fueling her entrepreneurial dream through travel.

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