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To our Palestinian, Israeli, Lebanese, and Jewish community:

I've lost count of the number of Palestinian, Lebanese, and Jewish participants, staff, friends, and alumni who have graced Unsettled over the years. It has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my involvement at Unsettled. Their cultural and personal...

Why You Do NOT Want To Set Sail with Unsettled in the Exumas

 By: Michael Youngblood, Captain at Unsettled. Are you set to ride the waves and replace routine with adventure?  Here are our top ten reasons to set sail with us! 1. Learn to Sail, Unsettled Style We will spend 4-6 hours a day sailing on the emerald waters in the...

We Heard You Had Questions: Unsettled Thailand

We’re going to Thailand, and we heard you have questions about working remotely from there!

Part 2: The Future of Unsettled

The future of Unsettled is coming this summer. We want to hear from you while we are building.

One Month & 7 Years Of Big Questions

We started Unsettled to explore the world. It was time for me to unplug and go on an adventure, so I sailed from Panama to Hawaii and reflected on the future of Unsettled.

Why You Should Live Unsettled in Medellin, with Experience Leader Corey Schultz

As summer begins to wind down (insert sad face emoji), we are already thinking springtime — and the City of Eternal Spring to be exact. Experience Leader Corey Schultz tells us why Medellin is calling your name this August.

Healthy Habits for the WFH Lifestyle

Whether you work from home or are living the laptop lifestyle, here are 4 work from home tips.

What 5 Unsettled Alum Wish They Knew Before Taking A Mini Sabbatical

You know what you don’t want your life to look like, and you are beginning to establish what it is you want out of this new chapter. What have some of our alumni wished they knew before they stepped in your shoes?




Nikki Webber Allen

TED Resident and Entrepreneur

Ryan Nichols

Sustainable Building & Design Entrepreneur

Stephanie Stevenson

Business Project Manager

Sasha Valle

Post-Tech-Startup Sabbatical

Zarko Lelovac

Corporate Lawyer

Carrie Thorimbert

Holistic Nutritionist & Self Care Coach

Wes Jordan

Software Tech Leader

Tekisha Harvey

Brand Strategist

Kyle Fiore

Strategic Advertising Planner


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