Unsettled Wins a 2020 Skift Idea Award!

By: The Unsettled Team

This year has been one of radical disruption, rapid innovation, and incredible creativity across the travel industry.

We know that creativity emerges from the most challenging of times… and that has clearly been the storyline of 2020. For us at Unsettled, we have weathered the COVID-19 storm in many ways; from launching a monthly series of virtual programming, workshops, and opportunities for our global community to connect and share in our Global Passport, to helping companies big and small adapt their team dynamics and cultures to a new remote or hybrid reality through our Team Journeys™, and more.

While we’re not big on chasing awards, sometimes it’s nice to be recognized for the incredibly hard work our team dedicates towards staying on the cutting-edge of experience design, delivery, and innovation.

This past week, Skift announced their IDEA Awards 2020, and we’re incredibly proud to be one of the handful of winners for “ingenuity in engaging customers digitally in response to the global pandemic”, for our truly unique 1-month Virtual Retreat we ran with our partners at Design Hotels.

Here’s to the spirit of innovation, experimentation, and to always embracing the unknown!

You can learn more about our award-winning experience, as well as the other Skift IDEA Award winners below!



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