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A community of solo travelers who can work from anywhere. 

Unsettled is a travel community for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful connection. Since 2014, we have curated coworking retreats for remote workers and adventures for today’s purpose-driven professionals. Our experiences are for those who thrive in movement and are seeking new connections.

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Take your office around the world with Unsettled

From one-month coworking retreats in Argentina, Bali, Cape Town, or Medellin to our two-week coworking retreats in Tuscanytake your work beyond the traditional office…way beyond it.  Each retreat is in a unique destination, and you get a private apartment or private room, an office with the fastest internet in town, a global community, and your local Unsettled team that that helps you feel like a local in no time.



May & June 2022

An immersive family-style food & wine experience for remote workers in the Italian countryside.


June - November 2022

Bali is the ideal place to revive your work + life alignment, develop new rhythms, and find new inspiration.


November 2022

Work remotely for three weeks in Buenos Aires. One week exploring the mountains of Patagonia. Need we say more?


August & November 2022

For one month, you can live, explore, and work in Colombia’s “City of Eternal Spring”. 100mbps internet. What’s stopping you?

Cape Town

October 2022

The Mother City. A culturally diverse, nature-lover’s paradise tucked two oceans and the mountains. Great wifi. Great timezone.

Tokyo? Istanbul?

Coming Soon in 2022

We are always adding new destinations where you can live, work, and adventure. Tell us where you want to go!

unsettled adventures

There’s a time and place to unplug, let loose, and enjoy.

Can’t travel for a whole month? Let Unsettled Adventures push your boundaries. We take you places where your screen doesn’t connect and, instead, focus on connecting people to places and their purpose. Each adventure is a bespoke journey designed for solo travelers. Traveling with Unsettled is all about expecting the unexpected, and that’s true whether we’re sailing in Thailand or trekking in Patagonia. 



June 2022

Set sail through the Adriatic Sea this June stopping at some of Croatia’s most famous islands, beaches, and ports each day.


May 2022

Spend one week exploring Peru’s Madre de Dios, or “Mother of God” region. Disconnect from your screens and discover…


December 2022

How does it sound to spend one week in Patagonia hiking, kayaking, climbing, and, yes, eating ice cream and drinking craft beer?

Unsettled Team Retreats

Team Retreats, Offsites, & Remote Coworking Experiences.

Unsettled’s Remote Labs helps companies, employers, and initiatives to make the most of remote work.  With our in-person retreats and team offsites, you can now leverage Unsettled’s expertise, structure, support, local knowledge and connections of globally recognized experience design to productive, connected, and human-centric work from anywhere culture.


Regular musings and inspiring reads from unconventional lives, careers, and journeys. Find more on our blog.

Our Guiding Philosophy

To guide people on a quest of life, meaning, and adventure. Fuel inspiration, exploration, and discovery of the world around us. Create value that enriches and improves the human experience. Seek purpose and meaning, wherever it may lie. Aspire to always push the boundaries of the unknown. Think differently about tomorrow, and seize the opportunities today that will make it possible.


We bring together artists and entrepreneurs, designers and developers, executives and explorers. What you work on is up to you, but we look for people who are interested in co-creating a work culture based on productivity, collaboration, growth and adventure.


Place is not simply a destination. Place is defined by the meaning we ascribe to it. We curate experiences in places where you can (1) work productively, (2) build deep local connections, and (3) step back, reflect, learn, and live life at its fullest.


We design an organizing purpose that loosely guides each experience. This purpose usually incorporates elements of local culture, art, history, and creative and entrepreneurial economies. We look for learning opportunities that enrich our experience and our lives.

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Unsettled is a global community for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. Our mission is to inspire a lifelong pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure through travel and shared experiences.