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You need more than a 9-5. We get it. 

Unsettled is a community for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. Who believe that feeling a little bit "unsettled" is a positive impulse for change, innovation, and exploration.

Our 30-day coworking retreats take your work, life, and adventures beyond traditional borders. Join us in one of our handpicked locations and get everything you need to be connected, comfortable, and collaborative: private accommodation, shared workspace,
local guide, events, and an immersive community experience.

Welcome to Unsettled.
Where one month can take you anywhere. 


Medellín, Colombia

February & March, 2017
September & OCtober, 2017

Medellin has become a shinning light of urban innovation. Today the city is defined by entrepreneurship, innovation, art, music, nightlife, and of course, salsa. Oh, and did we mention the weather? It might be mid-winter where you are, but this is known as the "city of eternal spring!"
Join us in Medellin.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

April, 2017
November, 2017

The city you've always dreamed of living in. We will live, work, play and explore together in a city renown for its world-class art, music, food, culture and unparalleled quality of life. Expect creative workshops, dinner parties and dancing stretching late into the warm evenings, and connections to the entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and movers and shakers of Buenos Aires.
Join us in Buenos Aires.

Cape Town, South Africa

October, 2017

Breathtaking scenery, a growing creative and entrepreneurial class, an internationally acclaimed wine industry, and so much more. Cape Town lies at the cutting edge of a culturally rich and deeply fascinating continent. Some compare the stunning natural beauty and laid-back vibes to the Californian coast. We say it's better. Apply early before we open! 

Bali, Indonesia

APRIL & MAY, 2017
September, OCtober & November 2017 

Arguably ground zero for digital nomads, this mystical Indonesian island seems to give to those who are in search and helps them discover what they may not know they are missing. Bali is the ideal place to revive your work + life alignment.

Join us in Bali.


Barcelona, Spain

May, 2017

Let's face it. Barcelona has been on your bucket list for years - and for good reason. There's absolutely nothing this city doesn't have to offer. A rich history of art, culture and color woven into the city streets. Coffee shops and cafes that transform into trendy bars and pop-up music spots. And the food and wine? Don't get us started...
Join us un Barcelona.

British Virgin Islands


We're headed back to where Unsettled all began. 5 sailing yachts. 40 exceptional people. 7 days. 6 nights. 7 islands. 1 barn fire on a deserted island. For this invite-only "Unsettled Adventure" retreat, we're taking a break from traditional "work", but we'll be our own captains, cooks, bar tenders, pirates, and pranksters.

You show up. We take care of everything else.

Combine travel + work without missing a beat. Bring your laptop and be ready for a
productive month and one hell of an adventure.

This is your experience.


Always aspire to prove the impossible possible. Guide people on a quest of life, meaning and adventure. Fuel inspiration, exploration and discovery of the world around us. Create value that enriches and improves the human experience. Seek purpose and meaning, wherever it may lie. Think differently about tomorrow, and seize the opportunities today that will make it possible. 



We bring together artists and entrepreneurs, designers and developers, executives and explorers. What you work on is up to you, but we look for people who are interested in co-creating a work culture based on productivity, collaboration, personal growth, and adventure.


We design an organizing purpose that loosely guides each experience. This purpose usually incorporates elements of local culture, art, history, and the creative economy. We look for learning opportunities that enrich our experience and our lives.


Place is not simply a destination. Place is defined by the meaning we ascribe to it. We curate experiences in places where you can (1) work productively, (2) build deep local connections, and (3) step back, reflect, learn, and live life at its fullest.