The UNSETTLED Experience

Live. Work. Adventure. Anywhere.

We co-create remarkable shared experiences for professionals who refuse to settle in their pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure.

Unsettled’s one month and two-week coworking retreats are for professionals of all ages who seek to challenge their status quo, ask the big questions, invest in their curiosity, and explore new perspectives through travel and intentional community.

We provide an immersive experience and environment that gives you the time, space, and (un)structure to build new relationships, grow new ideas, and discover new possibilities. Everything you need to feel connected, comfortable, and collaborative is provided: Private accommodations, shared workspace, local experts, curated local experiences, workshops, and one incredible adventure with a diverse community of peers.

Welcome to your new normal…

✓ A globally curated community
✓ Beautiful, central home-style accommodations
✓ A productive coworking environment (workspace + coffee)
✓ A full-time experience leader & local experts to facilitate and organize the month
✓ Curated local experiences, group meals, social events, workshops, workouts, talks, adventures & more

Global Community

We curate a diverse and exceptional community of global professionals who live, work, and travel differently. Join over 1,300 members from 80+ countries who’ve lived – and still live – Unsettled.

Curated Local Experiences

Dinner parties. Peer-to-peer workshops. Weekend adventures. Lunch & learns. Local mixers. Surprise events. Urban scavenger hunts. We are your platform for incredible shared experiences.

Comfortable Housing

You’re not a twenty-year-old back-packer. We get it. You’ll have a private room in a unique house, apartment, or villa with a quality mattress, linens, and comfortable workspace. 


Wifi is a non-negotiable. We need it as much as anyone else. With a coworking space, SIM cards, and wifi at your accommodations, you can ensure your personal and professional projects keep running smoothly.

How does it work?

Whether you’re working remotely full time, or going through a career transition, living Unsettled is about taking an intentional break from your routine and immersing yourself in a new environment. We give you the time, space and (un)structure grow in some of the world’s most inspiring destinations.

For us, living Unsettled isn’t just about where you live. It’s about exploring what makes you feel alive. It’s about never settling in your pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure, and making every single moment count. It’s about the asking the big questions, and discovering the answers in the most serendipitous of ways.

Who is Unsettled for?

Unsettled brings together the intellectually curious who seek to shake up their routine and dig deeper through immersive experiences. We are creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, and people asking the big questions of life, coming from over 80 countries. On any given retreat, our average age range is mid-30s to early 40s — yet some of our alumni in their 50s and 60s have the most rewarding journeys, and some of our 20-year-old participants are loved for the energy they bring. From CEOs, CMOs and CFOs to farmers, designers, architects, captains, scientists, rare book collectors, illustrators, painters, poets, professional coaches, and more, we are global and inclusive. Basically, if you’re not an asshole, you’ll fit right in.

It was an extraordinary experience, one that left me feeling affirmed, motivated and inspired. The co-curation of our time together made it so much more than just a trip.

Shani Jamilah

Artist and TED Speaker/Resident

Unsettled allowed me to first and foremost re-connect to myself, step out of the rat race and gain a new perspective on what makes me happy. Along the way, I explored and fell in love with a new culture, and developed a new attitude and appreciation for life that I took back with me. 

Ivan Music

Digital Strategist

I was able to run my business smoothly from a different hemisphere, make life-long connections with people from around the globe, and return home with an incredible sense of purpose and focus.

Seth Haber

Founder of Trek Light Gear

What does living Unsettled look like?

This is your experience. We provide a platform for meaningful conversations, but keep the structure lite and you fill in the rest. You live like a local, finding balance between being productive and exploring. Everything is optional, and you can plug in as much or as little as you need.

You can hang out at the house, head over to our coworking space, or go exploring your new neighborhood. Most nights, participants rotate hosting & cooking group dinners, or exploring the local spots so that everyone gets equal opportunities to create an experience through food and conversation.


  • Airport pickups, SIM cards, and location guides on arrival
  • Welcome dinner & local orientation
  • Introduction to coworking space & community
  • Intention setting & community design workshops
  • 2-3 local experiences curated throughout the week
  • Optional weekend trips


  • Work when you need, on whatever you want
  • Weekly family-style dinners
  • Weekly lunch & learns
  • Weekly community led & facilitated workshops, sessions, and conversations
  • Calendar of curated local events, activities, excursions, happy hours & more 
  • Optional Weekend Adventures
    + Activities like group dinners, themed conversations, poetry nights, idea hacks, and more organized by your peers.

There’s always an adventure to be had. It’s your day; here’s what it what it might look like:

7:30am: Wake up and grab a coffee. It’s still quiet around the house. Hopefully, you meditate, journal, read, or do almost anything besides look at your phone immediately.

8:30am: You grab breakfast at home or at a nearby coffee shop with a few friends; everyone is moving at their own pace in the morning. Or, perhaps you decide to hit a local yoga / fitness class. If you’re in Bali, maybe a surf lesson 🙂

9:30am – 12:30pm: You check your inbox and calendar, and you realize that you have some time on your hands. You grab a friend, and go visit that market everyone’s been talking about. You get an early lunch, and then head back to the house to grab your stuff.

1pm – 8pm: You open your laptop and go “heads down” for a couple of hours to #getshitdone. A fellow participant is hosting a workshop on website design at 2pm, and your experience leader is hosting one on Ikigai (a Japanese philosophy around finding purpose) at 5pm. You skip the first workshop, but decide to join the second.

8pm: Group dinner. Two participants (from Italy naturally) just made a delicious fish for the group that combines a local catch with traditional Italian cooking. They lead a group conversation at dinner about balancing love and work life. You admit to loving the food and your work at least as much as anyone in your life at this moment.

10pm – Midnight: You have a few more work tasks you want to finish off today, so you find a quiet group of 5 or 6 people working at the house and you finish out your day. You go to bed tired, well-nourished, and ready to do it all over tomorrow.

Ready for your next adventure?

However you choose to live your time Unsettled, the best part is the choice is ultimately yours…

© 2019 Unsettled

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