Moleskine Creative Retreat: Tuscany

Sketching Master Class | 6 Days / 5 Nights | Sept 28 - Oct 3, 2019


Need a break from your routine? Looking for the perfect environment to develop or refine your creative passions?

Join us for a creative leap into the art of sketching and illustration, set against the stunning backdrop of the Tuscan countryside. For 6 days and 5 nights, we are embarking on an illustrated learning journey led by Moleskine Master Artist Ale Giorgini. 

This artistic adventure was designed for an intimately curated group of like-minded travelers who will come together to learn, create, and share in the beauty of the Italian countryside. Along the way you will soak up the stunning views and live la dolce vita in true Italian family style.

Open to all levels, each Moleskine Creative Retreat features a regular program of structured lessons, that allows you to work at our individual level, alongside plenty of free time to relax and get to know your companions and explore the local surroundings. Learn to see the world, and yourself, with fresh eyes during this unique experience.

Dates: Saturday, September 28th – Thursday, October 3rd, 2019
Location: Palaia, Tuscany, Italy
Participants: 12
Cost: $1800 USD Per Person / Private Room

*Limited Spots Available


For 6 days, we will share our time and creative processes together in an inspirational 12th century rustic Italian monastery, refurbished into comfy cottage apartments. It’s remote, but not too remote – sitting equidistant (1 hour) between Pisa and Florence just outside of the tiny town of Palaia. Inside the estate, the pool is set amongst the trees with a great lawn for picnics or yoga, and a stunning view of the rolling hills and vineyards in the distance makes the perfect backdrop for a good book or group meal. This incredible location is complete with nearly 100 acres olive groves, plenty of communal spaces for cooking and lounging, onsite parking, and access to hiking trails, winding country roads, and more adventures further afield.


This custom created program was designed for artists of all levels aiming to explore a new creative language to enhance their personal output and capture their travel experiences.

Participants will be guided through steps to combining illustration and travel narration, a new language with which to tell their travel experience in Tuscany. Through a unique blend of demonstration and practical exercises, daily sessions led by a Moleskine Master Artist will guide you in how to translate you experiences – from places, faces, foods and feelings – out onto the page and into unique expressive drawings. With many years as a teaching artist and professional illustrator, Ale explains:

“Illustration is as a transversal language. Photography freezes the reality in an objective image. A drawing goes further, creating what does not even exist, translating reality into an image that captures the unique emotions and experience of the traveler.”

*All skill levels welcome. 
**Unique materials required: Curiosity.


    Welcome to Tuscany

    • Arrival + Airport Pickups (from Pisa)
    • Evening Opening Session
    • Welcome Dinner Experience

    Your job today is simply to get here! Once that is taken care of we have the evening to celebrate with our first family welcome dinner and opening session.

      Creative Kickstart

      • Morning Orientation + First Creative Instruction Session
      • Afternoon Creative Practice
      • Sketching Dinner
      • Evening Gathering: Q+A

        It’s time to kick start our creativity! Today we dive in with a morning orientation and our first sketching lessons and practice

      Telling Stories

      • Morning Creative Session: Write to Draw Better!
      • Afternoon Practice session: Travel Narration
      • Family Dinner 
      • Evening Gathering: Shared Stories 

        Explore the art of travel narration and storytelling as we play around at the intersection between drawing and the written word, finishing the day with a chance to share some of our own best stories. 

      Capturing Moments

      • Breakfast practice
      • Morning Creative Session: The Memory of Discovery
      • Afternoon: Creative Sketch Adventure
      • Family Dinner
      • Evening Gathering: Making Memories

        We’ll start the day early with some morning practice as we chase our own unique points of view and play on the line between memory and discovery. Then, we make our way out into the world to capture Tuscany’s unique moments through our personal illustration lenses.

        Drawing Outside The Box

        • Morning Creative Session: Unusual Tools 
        • Afternoon Practice: Playing With Senses  
        • Family Dinner
        • Evening Gathering + Closing Session

          It’s time to think outside the box as we dive into a day of alternative tools and sensory play! We’ll end our day with one last family dinner together and the chance to share our creative takeaways. 

        Closing & Onward Journey

        • Final Breakfast Conversation & Goodbyes
        • Check Out + Airport Drop Offs (Pisa) 

        We share our final thoughts, and head on to new adventures! Leave with a breakfast send off, notebooks full of insights to keep, and a daily practice in mind to carry your learnings foreward!


        Ale Giorgini is a world renowned illustrator, known for his playful and unique approach to drawing. Working for over a decade as a teaching artist, he is also the founder of Magnifico Illustrators Agency where he has honed his craft and gone on to develop a signature style easily recognizable the world over. Having collaborated with a running list of international brands including Adidas, Armani, Disney, Emirates, Jeep, Lavazza, Martini, MTV and more, Ale’s work has been published in magazines and newspapers around the globe. In 2015 he won the Good Design Award by Chicago Museum of Design and in 2017 he was selected to join New York’s profession Society of Illustrators. Based in Milan, his global career has had him traveling and exhibiting around the world from Tokyo and New York to Melbourne and Manchester!

        Inspired by the world around him, every two years Ale embarks on an ‘illustrated journey’ to bring together his love of travel and art as he narrates his trip through sketches and mixed digital-analogue work. This year, he joins Moleskine as a Master Artist, for our special edition creative retreat in Tuscany. 

        Moleskine Master Class Sketching in Tuscany:

        What’s Included:

        • Private rooms in country cottages nestled among nearly 100 acres of olive trees, oleander, and fruit trees in the heart of Tuscany.
        • Airport transfer upon arrival (from Pisa) & a local SIM card for your phone.
        • Welcome orientation, dinner, and community introduction activities.
        • Daily sessions led by Moleskine Master Artist, Ale Giorgini.
        • Daily group sync ups, peer-to-peer sharing, and family-style gatherings.
        • A selection of immersive local experiences ranging from Italian cooking classes, vineyard explorations and tastings, and more surprises.
        • A full-time Unsettled Experience Ambassador & local staff member who are there to support your experience through creative sessions and connecting you to each other and your surroundings.


        September 28 – October 3, 2019


        $1800 USD – Private Room


        Check in with us at and we’ll get right back to you!


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