5 Reasons To Work Remotely In Tuscany With Unsettled in 2022

By: Michael Youngblood

Picture yourself waking up each morning to a view worthy of a Renaissance painting. You take a sip of your fresh Italian espresso as you have your artisanal, locally sourced breakfast.

You look out across your day and realize what an epic decision it was to join Unsettled Tuscany

A few weeks ago you had doubts about joining with so much going on in your life, but you stayed in touch and thought about what you really need for yourself.

You needed a change of your routine. A new community of professionals to motivate you. New experiences that make your life feel full. 

Future you will get that and more out of working remotely on Unsettled Tuscany. 

Here are our top 5 ways you’ll be glad you joined us!

#1: The Views in Tuscany Make It the Best Remote Office

There’s something about waking up to our view in Tuscany every day that makes work better. 

In fact, research shows this to be true. The visual quality of your surroundings can have a positive impact on your performance. 

Place is more important than you may have realized.


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ANNOUNCING: Unsettled’s family-style retreat in Italy! This fall, we’re slowing down, taking a step back and letting our senses lead us to the rolling hills of Tuscany for a 14-day experience. This September and October, we’ll explore our inner farmer, chef, nutritionist, sommelier, epicurean, novelliere, poet, and creative 👩🏽‍🌾We’ll learn to make pastas and olive oils before we sit down for family-style feasts. Explore viticulture and wines before we make a heartfelt toast 🍷 Picture yourself in an estate like this, landscaped with olives trees, wild oleander and cypress. If you’re craving a sensory exploration, Tuscany is for you – link bio to reserve your early-bird spot! (📷: @max_holiver) . #BeUnsettled #UnsettledTuscany #EmbraceTheUnknown

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#2: The Second Reason To Work Remotely in Tuscany: The Food

On Unsettled Tuscany, we explore the ins-and-outs of the agriculture and food that Tuscany is famous for.

Breakfast with an award-winning honey beekeeper? Check.  

Learn how to make homemade pasta from Italian grandmothers? Yes, please.

Pizza nights in our own wood-fired brick oven? Uh-huh….Picnics? Learn the artisan crafts from cheesemakers, butchers…the list goes on.    


#3: The Third Reason To Work Remotely in Tuscany: The Wine

We begin Unsettled Tuscany by having our favorite, unpretentious wine sommelier give us an overview of the types of wines we will be drinking throughout our two weeks in Tuscany.

We visit our favorite winery, which is a rustic vineyard that you cannot find on TripAdvisor.

There’s no shortage of wine in Tuscany, and we make sure to keep our cellar full at the villa.

#4: How Does Working Remotely Outdoors in Tuscany Sound?

There’s plenty of indoor and outdoor space to work from on our property.

Work while drinking an Italian espresso under the Tuscan sun? Done.

How about under the shade of a Tuscan Cypress tree?

By our pool? You can stay productive and enjoy working under the Tuscan sun.                                                                                                                                                                                              

#5: To Form A New Community of Remote Workers

Who joins Unsettled Tuscany?

Each retreat is different, but after each one, the most common feedback we hear is “the best part was the people.”

Unsettled Tuscany attracts people who are taking ownership of their lives and going after what they want. Many participants are in their 30s and 40s and are freelancers, creatives, business owners, or remote workers.             

Most participants take some time off during Unsettled Tuscany. So “work” may not be 8 hours of focus time, but everyone is seeking to fill their energy and inspiration about work, even if they’re not opening that laptop every day.

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                                                                                                “These past two weeks were filled with moments like this… Laughter and dancing were a constant and it was no different as we were preparing to say goodbye. And yes, we were dancing to “A Caballito de Palo”. Thanks #UnsettledTuscany.” (📷 & 📝: Tuscany participant @beajando_) . #BeUnsettled #EmbraceTheUnknown A post shared by Unsettled (@beunsettled) on                                                                                              




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