One month can take you anywhere…

At Unsettled, we have intentionally designed these retreats as month-long experiences because we believe that for most of us it is through time, structure, and new environments that we can give ourselves the opportunity to build accountability and realize so many of the dreams, projects, and lifestyle goals that we so often talk about.

There’s an old saying that it takes “30 days to make or break a habit”. As cliche as it sounds, it’s true. We structure our lives by the month – leases, mortgages, credit card payments, anniversaries, and so much more. So why can’t we structure our personal growth, goals, adventures and experiences by the month, as well?

On every retreat, we spend the first couple of days making sure everyone is connected (to each other and to wifi) and comfortable.

In a typical week, we organize 2 or 3 peer-to-peer workshops throughout the week (all voluntary), nightly dinners, and maybe a party or two. Members self-organize everything from happy hours at the beach to yoga classes and morning workouts.

Weekends were made to enjoy, and no matter what retreat you’re on, expect an action-packed month (four weekends!) full of group expeditions and activities.

A month Unsettled is about replacing routine with adventure. It’s about developing a different sense of time, rhythm, and thinking that you can carry on with you. It’s about trying new things, embracing the known, and living the best possible version of yourself.

With that mindset, one month can truly take you anywhere.

See you on the next adventure…


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