Q&A with Artist & Illustrator Katie Rodgers

By: Naomi Matlow

Header photo by Katie Rodgers

“I start to overthink my work so much when I stay stagnant, so it has been nice to loosen up a little here.” – Katie Rodgers

What does our first ever Moleskine | Unsettled Mexico City retreat look like through the eyes of an artist?

Last week, artist, illustrator, all around curious creative, and the mind behind @paperfashion, Katie Rodgers, took over our Unsettled Instagram to answer some inspired questions from our online community about her experience living and creating in CDMX.

Photo by Katie Rodgers

We had to share some of her Q&A highlights, as well as some of her breathtaking work, up on the blog. We couldn’t let it disappear from cyber space after only 24 hours! 🙂

Photo by Lala Franklin-Apted

What is it about Mexico City that makes it one of your favorite cities?

It’s rare to go to a city that feels so laid back… but also so full of life and color. It truly has the kindest people. They welcome foreigners. They share their culture, and have such a rich one. And I LOVE how green it is! Plants everywhere… and incredible weather since it’s at a high elevation. There’s an unlimited amount of things to do here.


 Photo by Katie Rodgers

What is something or some place in Mexico City that has touched you in an extraordinary way?

  1. Frida Kahlo’s house.
  2. Temazcal.
  3. The people.


What has been your favorite experience during Moleskine | Unsettled Mexico City?

Being able to step away from my everyday life and connect with people in a new place. It changes how you think and look at your world.

Photo by Katie Rodgers


Do you feel more grounded in Mexico City?

Oddly, yes. I always feel more grounded in places full of green!


Any tips for being creative while on the go?

Give yourself alone time and down time. It’s the best time to let your brain go wild. Walk around and just observe.

Photo by Katie Rodgers



To follow more of Katie’s adventures and art follow @paperfashion. We can’t wait to continue to follow her artistic journey.

Inspired to explore and break your routine in Mexico City? We are heading back to CDMX this October for one week of urban exploration in Latin America’s most vibrant cultural capital.

Photo by Lala Franklin-Apted




What could one week in Mexico City creatively unlock and inspire for you?



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