Top Ten Reasons to Live Unsettled in Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa is an adventurer’s paradise. Known as The Mother City, it is a thriving metropolis where nature, culture, history, and creativity are ripely available for exploration and discovery. If you need more of a push, here are our top ten reasons to embrace the unknown with us in Cape Town!

1. It’s Where The Mountains Meet the Sea

Hiking? Check. Surfing? Check. Rock climbing? Check. Vineyards? Check. Penguins? Check. At the base of Lion’s Head Mountain, Cape Town is a nature lover’s playground. The city is buzzing with natural energy and the epic beauty at every turn can’t help but reinvigorate the spirit.

2. We Are Taking Over Downtown Cape Town for the First Time

This year, Unsettled Cape Town is exploring downtown. The city’s urban life, quirky restaurants, bars, gyms, and grocery stores are right at your fingertips. Together we will explore one of Africa’s most creative and culturally rich destinations and live right in its heart.

3. It Has One of our Favorite Coworking Spaces

Right downtown, brand new, and in the center of the action (including panoramic views of the city and the waterfront too), you will have a month-long unlimited membership to Work & Co. And then there is NOVA, Work & Co’s mobile coworking office pod that we park right on the beach. Want a little surf with your lunch break? *Insert heart eyes emoji here*

4. Our Alumni Love Cape Town

After living Unsettled in Cape Town last year, alum Sébastien Gernay said: “This whole experience has reminded me again that no amount of comfort and security is worth a life of mediocrity that kills your dreams.” We couldn’t agree more.

Olga Gonzalez, who’s been on at least 3 Unsettled trips so far, said about her Cape Town experience: “I absolutely loved that you could both feel and live the four elements of nature every single day. The huge mountains (Lion’s Head and Table Mountain), the deep blue sea, the strong wind, and the bright sun. All of them always right before my eyes.”

5. Cape Town is Also Home to Many Unsettled Alumni

We can’t even count how many Cape Towners are in the Unsettled family. There is already a diverse and passionate network of Unsettled alumni that are ready to meet you, teach you the ropes, and welcome you into the fold.

6. It’s A City Steeped in Rich History  

Cape Town is steeped in a complex and fraught history of apartheid and racial segregation. Together we will experience Cape Town’s complicated history by digging into its stories, and learning from locals that are currently reviving the city’s cultural life today.

7. Co-Founder Approved

From a surf session at Muizenberg Beach to beautiful wine country in Stellenbosch in the matter of an afternoon, Unsettled Co-founder Jonathan Kalan counts Cape Town as one of his favorite destinations. In his own words: “You need a few weeks at least, and ideally a month, to understand the cultural and historical context of Cape Town, experience all that there is to do, and truly feel like a local instead of just a traveler. Every time we come back we discover something new – a new neighborhood, unique local experience, community that wants to host us and that keeps it both exciting and interesting.”

8. Our Experience Leader, Cape Town native – Lynne “Scully” Scullard

Scully is an avid traveler, social entrepreneur and retired-ski bum whose contagious zest for life and high energy will make you fall in love with her (and her hometown!) instantly. She has a lifetime of experience that will make you a local in no time.

9. Our Location Manager, South African-native – Mel Cook

Our seasoned Unsettled Location Manager and Unsettled Bali alum, Mel is also an interior designer and co-leader of a female empowerment initiative for Cape Town women in the creative industry. Her creativity, love for deep conversation, and ability to find the fun in every situation will make you feel right at home and among family.

10. You are the Wild Card

With so much beauty and adventure at your disposal, there are boundless possibilities to make this Unsettled experience your own. Are the mountains and the oceans calling you? Or more importantly, are you ready to listen?


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