Unsettled Partners With Moleskine To Change The Way You Travel in 2019

By: Jonathan Kalan, Co-Founder, Unsettled

When you hear someone say Moleskine®, what comes to mind?

Is it that half-filled sketchbook sitting at the bottom of your bag, its corners sometime sticking out as if to remind you that you still have that creative side (even after battling emails all day)? Or that stack of well-worn notebooks somewhere in your closet, archiving your past decade of adventures (and misadventures)?

Us too.

When we first began discussing a potential collaboration with Moleskine, we knew we were in good company.

We knew their values – culture, imagination, memory, travel, and personal identity (written inside every notebook) – and how deeply they resonate with the process of navigating uncertainty and embracing the unknown in one’s life. At Unsettled, we’ve all been using their products for years, and realize how core they’ve been to helping us think, create, and document our lives on the go. As we dove deeper into the Moleskine world, we knew that weaving their objects, values, and history of fueling the creative spirit into an Unsettled experience would result in something truly special.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce we’ve done just that.  We are launching Moleskine | Unsettled Retreats, which are immersive community experiences designed to fuel inspiration and creativity.

This co-designed program bring the best of both brands; Unsettled’s approach to designing remarkable shared experiences, and Moleskine’s commitment to enabling creativity, storytelling, and self-expression.

Part co-working and part creative retreat, each experience is specifically designed for professionals seeking to find new creative inspiration while still staying productive. This partnership layers in signature Moleskine | Unsettled workshops, discussions, and hand-picked local experiences just for this partnership. 

Our first two destinations together, Bali (one month, May 4th – June 1st), and Mexico City (two weeks, June 8th – June 22nd) are ideal places to inspire your creativity. The spiritual, physical, and philosophical traditions of Bali gives us an incredible grounding to explore balance between our creative spirit and professional drive. In Mexico City, the city’s long and winding history provides a rich platform to explore how past and present weave together to create one of the most vibrant cultural capitals of today.

Take a look, and see for yourself. We hope to see you out there!

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“We do not travel for the purpose of simply moving from place to place… We travel to inspire a deeper sense of self, to spark our creativity and self-expression. We travel to move something within us. We move to be moved. And in doing so, step closer to ourselves.”


Moleskine | Unsettled Bali – One Month

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