Unsettled’s Endless Summer Series: Bali Edition

Life in Ubud is all about balance. Between work and life. The nature outside and the growth within. For one month, we are coworking and coliving in the harmonic oasis of Bali. Live Unsettled among the rice fields, the yoga shalas, the temples, and the bright blue waters, where hundreds of Unsettlers have called home, this September, October, November, December, and beyond. Welcome to Bali. 

Fun Facts about Bali:

  • The island of Bali is 2,200 square miles and only has 2 seasons: wet and dry.
  • Bali has both white and black sand beaches, and plenty of surf. 
  • The island is located in the “Coral Triangle”, also called the “Amazon of the Seas” for its marine biodiversity. 
  • The province of Bali officially banned single-use plastic bags earlier this year!

Unsettled Facts about Bali: 

  • We hosted our first one month Unsettled retreat on this very island, way back in 2014. 
  • Bali is our only retreat destination (so far) where we live Unsettled all year round!
  • Unsettlers have been known to eat a smoothie bowl or two overlooking the jungle in between conference calls in our 24/7 coworking space. 
  • We have created too many Unsettled scooter gangs in Bali to count (probably just as many as we have made Balinese monkey friends!).

What are our Bali alumni saying?: 

“In 2014, I took a leap of faith. I decided to take a month-long leave from work and join 30 strangers on an island 10,000 kilometers from my home in Rio. For those 30 days in Bali, I worked in one of the most inspiring, productive, and fulfilling environments I could ever imagine. It showed me what was possible.” – Carol Peixoto, Bali alum 2014

“The community of people Unsettled brings together is magical.  This was one of my most productive months of the year and also the most fun.  This one-month trip to beautiful Bali far exceeded my expectations. I hope to do an Unsettled trip once a year.” – David Philips, Bali alum 2016

“The word ‘unsettled’ has a new meaning for me. It now means taking you out of your routine and allowing you to create a flow that is so natural that it feels strange. The entire time I was joyful, happy, and playful. Every moment!” – Diann Craven, Bali alum 2018

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Ready to refocus and rebalance during Unsettled’s Endless Summer in Bali?


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