Unsettled’s Endless Summer Series: Costa Rica Edition

“If you plan it right, all you do is reap.” – Padi, the Abuelo of Punta Mona

This week in Unsettled’s Endless Summer Series we are venturing into the primary rainforest of Costa Rica. Welcome to Punta Mona, a private and sustainable beachfront oasis, for one week of off-grid exploration this October 13-19. Punta Mona was designed by a world renowned permaculturalist and it has more than 300 varieties of tropical fruit and nut trees, abundant root crops, vegetables, and over 150 medicinal plants. As Director of Punta Mona, Stephen Brooks, says, plants teach us “how to play better in the sandbox with our fellow humans.” Ready to explore this sandbox?

Fun Facts about Costa Rica: 

  • Despite its small size, Costa Rica hosts 5% of the world’s biodiversity.
  • Costa Rica has 800 miles of coastline. Epic. 
  • It is definitely a hummingbird capital of the world, with over 52 hummingbird species throughout the country. 
  • Over 25% of Costa Rica is made up of national parks, reserves, and wildlife refuges.

Unsettled Facts about Costa Rica: 

  • Costa Rica has been a dream destination for Unsettled Co-founder, Michael Youngblood for years! 
  • This is probably Unsettled’s most remote retreat destination — you can only reach Punta Mona by boat or by foot. 
  • If you are feeling burnout, a need for adventure, or want to reimagine your lifestyle, this retreat is for you! Let’s connect back to nature 🙂

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#WhereIsUnsettled going next? We are announcing a NEW destination this week, where we’ll be spending a week surrounded by nature, with miles of undeveloped tropical beach to ourselves for thoughtful reflection, and not a car, road, or town in sight! 🌿🌺 This retreat is about stepping outside of your daily grind and giving yourself the space, time, and tools to intentionally navigate through uncertainty, a career transition, or to build more meaningful work/life symmetry. We just so happen to be on the coast of ________ _________. Know where we’re going? Person with the best guess will get a DM with all the details and how you can be part of this retreat. . #BeUnsettled #EmbraceTheUnknown #Travel

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Ready to explore and adventure during Unsettled’s Endless Summer in Costa Rica?


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