"Unsettled is like family reunion for a family that hasn't met..."


From the moment you arrive, Unsettled provides everything needed to be connected, comfortable and collaborative for one month; a private room, shared workspace, events, workshops, and an immersive community experience. 

This is your experience.
Work as much or as little as you want, on whatever you want. 


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Global Mobility.

From Bali to Berlin, Niseko to Buenos Aires, we're adding new retreats, experiences and destinations all the time. You can stay one month, or even string together several cities to create your own personalized adventure.
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Wifi is a non-negotiable. We need it as much as anyone else. We provide a coworking space, SIM cards, wifi at your accommodations, and even a failsafe mobile system to ensure connectivity in case of a wifi emergency.
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You're not a twenty-year-old backpacker. We get it. You'll have a private room, a bathroom, quality mattress and linens, and a comfortable workspace. Don't worry. You're in good hands.

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Curated Experiences.

Airport pickups. Comfortable accommodations. Workshops. Dinner parties. Local mixers. Weekend adventures. Urban scavenger hunts. We are your platform for shared experiences.

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Live like a local. Work from a local coworking space or maybe practice yoga at a studio down the street. We find the best local events and have a list of recommendations on where to hangout, eat, and have fun.

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Superb locations.

Location is key. We choose locations that feel like home, in paradise. We look for places where you can stroll to a nearby cafe, walk to a local yoga studio, or grab lunch down the street. Culture and convenience you could say.

The Experience.

The Unsettled experience is about taking an intentional break from your routine, finding new perspective, building new relationships, and growing new ideas. A month with Unsettled is about exploring the best version of yourself, and living with intention and purpose. You can expect regular dinner parties and themed conversations, peer-to-peer and professionally facilitated workshops, happy hours, and weekend excursions, and more.

We provide private, furnished spaces designed to feel like home. We never put you in hostels or dorm-style accommodation.  You'll also receive a full-time membership at our coworking space, a local SIM card, and have internet whenever you need it. Don't worry, you can live unsettled and stay productive. That's the point. 

Who's Unsettled for?

Unsettled is for those who seek something new. It’s for those of us who live in transition and are constantly searching for inspiration from the world around us. Our community is creative, global, and inclusive. It includes:

  • Anyone who is in transition between careers or contracts and is seeking new perspectives, inspiration, and growth
  • Freelancers who believe that we can be “independent” and have community
  • Entrepreneurs, startup teams, and small business owners 
  • Designers, builders, and developers who work at or run creative agencies
  • You. 

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