Need more than a 9-5? We get it. 

Our experiences are designed to give you the time, space, and loose structure to break your routine and get inspired, one month at a time.

From the moment you arrive, we provide everything needed to be connected, comfortable and collaborative; a private room, shared workspace, local experts and an immersive community experience.

This is your experience.
Work on whatever you want, whenever you want. 




With retreats in 10 countries and alumni from over 50, we're creating a global network of amazing retreats, experienes and people who choose to live and work differently, so you can be Unsettled anytime, anywhere.


Dinner parties. Workshops. Weekend adventures. Lunch & learns. Local access & mixers. Surprise events. We create experiences designed to help you get the most out of a month.


With full-time access to comfortable coworking spaces, wifi at our accommodations, and local SIM cards, you can ensure your personal and professional projects keep running smoothly.


Get a truly local experience through our on-site facilitators & location managers who know a thing or two. If your question begins with "where's the most amazing..." we've got you covered.


You're not a twenty-year-old backpacker. We get it. You'll have a private room in a unique house, apartment, or villa with a quality mattress and linens, and a comfortable workspace. Don't worry. You're in good hands.


Location is key. We choose locations that feel like home. We look for places where you can stroll to a nearby cafe, walk to a local yoga studio, or grab lunch down the street. Culture and convenience, you could say.




Unsettled is for those who embrace uncertainty and value meaningful human connection. It's for those of us who refuse to settle, who are constantly seeking something new, something different. Our community is creative, global, and inclusive. Are you...

  • In transition between careers or contracts and seeking new perspective, inspiration, or growth?
  • A freelance who believes that we can be “independent” and still have community?
  • An entrepreneur, startup team, or small business owner?
  • A designer, builder, or developer looking to shake things up?
  • Not an asshole?

In every single one of our Unsettled destinations - from Bali to Buenos Aires, Nicaragua to Cape Town, - we create an environment for you to stay productive, while also learning, growing and exploring a new place with an incredible group of peers.

Still curious? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

*Disclaimer: Unsettled is not an experience for those seeking certainty or specific outcomes. It is designed for those who intentionally seek to embrace the unknown and challenge themselves. 


seth copy.jpg
I was immediately reminded that stepping outside my comfort zone is my comfort zone, and it became the catalyst for an intense and unexpected level of personal and professional growth for me. I was able to run my business smoothly from a different hemisphere, make life long connections with people from around the globe, and return home with an incredible sense of purpose and focus. Did I mention how much fun I had in the process?
— Seth, CEO of TrekLight Gear
I came into my Unsettled experience thinking that I would get to live in Cape Town in great accommodations for a month and maybe connect with some people that would help motivate me down the entrepreneurship path. What I actually got out of it was an opening of my heart and mind by 25+ strangers turned friends in a remarkably short amount of time. Our month together provided a space for me to really get comfortable with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur after 16 years in a corporate job. The entire experience has left me feeling replenished and recharged and excited for what’s ahead!
— Tekisha, Brand Marketing Strategist