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Unsettled’s Mindfulness Program is an unconventional and collaborative 3-week program that lets you find your center.


It’s designed to help you check in, evaluate your day-to-day routines, and develop the tools to inspire a more present-focused, intentional and meaningful way of living and working in a remote world.

Dates & Pricing

August 15th – August 29th, 2020 [SOLD OUT]
$129 USD / Full Program (3 Sessions)

Next Session: Dates TBA.

About The Program

Learn together. Experiment together. Grow together. 

The Unsettled Mindfulness Program is not your typical mindfulness course. This 6-hour program, intentionally spread out across three weeks, is designed to help you explore and uncover what Mindfulness means to you, and how you can integrate it into your new daily life and work practices. 

Through a process of self-reflection, learning, and sharing, we will cover different approaches of mindfulness practices, personal assessment exercises, and thought provoking questions that allow you to build your own mindfulness toolkit, and help you navigate your day to day, be more present, and refocus your time and energy on what’s most important to you.

Our goal is to help you cultivate and craft a personal definition of mindfulness that works for you – no matter where your work or life may take you.

What’s Included:

  • 6 hours of original Unsettled Workshops – delivered live and recorded for reviewing after our sessions.
  • A global community to learn and grow alongside with throughout the program.
  • A range of practical guided mindfulness practices for you to explore.
  • Reflective assessment exercises to help you grow.
  • Weekly offline assignments to deepen your practice in your own time. 
  • Your own mindfulness toolkit to continue with your practices after the program.


  Who is this for?

The last few months have been a rollercoaster for you. 

Your life and work have been transformed in radical ways. You’ve had the need to adapt to new circumstances, a new environment, new ways of working, living, and showing up in the world. You’ve been through a lot, and your mind and body are still trying to catch up. You need a moment to catch your breath and center yourself to know who you are and where you are going. We get you. We’ve been there and we still are. 

Unsettled’s Mindfulness Program offers an opportunity for you to pause and bring back attention to yourself, in order to be able to show up in the world in a grounded and authentic way.  


This program is for you if you… 

  • Are your own support system; whether it’s running a company, team, or working hard for someone else.
  • Find yourself feeling burnt out, tired, or disoriented from your new routine.
  • Crave more meaning and intention in your day-to-day actions and relationships.
  • Are curious how mindfulness or meditation can easily fit into the rhythm of your everyday life and work.
  • Need a fresh perspective… and are ready to give it to yourself!


Unsettled Mindfulness For Remote Work
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Core Program Design & Outline

Unsettled’s Mindfulness Program is designed as a journey to help you uncover what mindfulness means to you in three unique sessions:

1.)  A foundation that lets you come home to yourself with an introduction to Unsettled Mindfulness, its role in making meaning in our lives, and the chance to evaluate where you could benefit from increased clarity and focus. 

2.) An in-depth chance to explore and play with how mindfulness can move outside the mind into your body, emotions, and environment with a multitude of practices to try on.  

3.) A final assessment to let you put your insights into action, crafting your own definition of mindfulness that serves you and is versatile enough to be applied to the different areas of your life where you need it the most.

Session Timings:

We’ve spread this journey out over three weeks, with one two-hour session per week:

Week 1: Saturday  |  10am ET / 4pm CET
Week 2: Saturday  |  10am ET / 4pm CET
Week 3: Saturday  |  10am ET / 4pm CET 


Session 1: Foundation

Coming Home: An Introduction to Unsettled Mindfulness

We start at the beginning, building our foundation by assessing our levels of awareness in different areas of our lives and exploring our current definitions of mindfulness.

As we gain awareness on how our minds work, we will dive into how mindfulness can be a tool for creating meaning in our everyday life and share some tools and resources that will help us start crafting new ways of understanding and practicing mindfulness. 

Session 2: Exploration

Mindfulness in our Bodies, Emotions, and Beyond

As we look to uncover new ways to be present in our lives, we will explore the relationship between mindfulness and our emotions, and how our bodies play a central role in the quest of living a more present-focused life. Together we will kick off the week with some practical theory and different techniques to build awareness, self management, and self compassion. This session sets us up for a week of exploration and discovery as we take our toolkit out into the world. 


Session 3: Action & Integration

Mindfulness in Action: Our Life and Work

We’ll finish with the aim of integrating our takeaways and crafting our own definition of mindfulness, with the intention of specifically designing them to work for the areas of your life where you need it the most. 

Finally, we take a look at how your mindfulness toolkit can be used even outside yourself, and what it means to practice it while living and working with others. 

Meet Your Unsettled Team

Clara Mastronardi

Mindfulness Program Facilitator | Global Unsettled Experience Leader

Clara, our lead Mindfulness Program facilitator and a Global Unsettled Experience Leader at Unsettled, is on a journey to help people cultivate more growth, meaning, and adventure in their lives. She has run and led countless personal development, lifestyle and career design, and mindfulness workshops over the years on Unsettled Experiences in locations such as Buenos Aires, Bali, Peru, and around the world.

A global traveller and remote worker herself, Clara brings her background in cultural arts and events, along with certification and training in Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Life Coaching from Google’s Search Inside Yourself Institute, Life Purpose Institute, and Wholebeing Institute, to the forefront of this experience. 

She is passionate about Mindfulness, the art of change, and cares deeply about finding the balance between movement and stillness – something she does regularly through her daily meditation practices, asking thoughtful questions, and building personal connections with her global network of fellow Unsettlers.

Leilani (Lala) Franklin-Apted

Mindfulness Program Co-Facilitator | Unsettled Head of Experience

Joining to co-facilitate Unsettled Mindfulness is Lala, who is on a mission to bring provocative design thinking, creative tools, and thoughtful questions to every Unsettled experience. With a multidisciplinary work background and mixed-up multicultural person background, her 15+ year of design experience has had her traveling the world to focus on helping people and organizations unlock their creative process to find new solutions and possibilities. 

As Unsettled’s Head of Experience, Lala has been the lead designer and content developer behind all of Unsettled’s programming, helping thousands of participants across 100s of experiences ask the bigger questions and redefine what it means to show up in the world today. She has a life-long fascination with travel, crafting stories and narratives that move us, and loves bringing seemingly mismatched pieces together into a thoughtful and inspiring whole, something she can often be found doing from the road on Unsettled retreats.

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