What is sabbatical travel?

Sabbatical travel? Slow Travel. Traveling on your sabbatical. Call it what you want, but let’s dive into this growing concept. 

Picture this: You’re knee-deep in your career, hustling day in and day out, but that longing for adventure keeps tapping on your shoulder. Enter sabbatical travel – a transformative journey where you hit pause on the mundane, bid adieu to the corporate grind, and embark on a quest for self-discovery, growth, and soul-stirring experiences.

You have checked many of your boxes: financial security, professional growth, and promotions.

But you’re ready for a break. A break from the huslte, the pursuit of someone else’s dream, and the entire corporate culture.  You may not know what you want, but you know what you’re done with.

How To Take A Sabbatical & Travel

We’ve found that most people take a sabbatical by building it into their lives themselves. 

In our experience at Unsettled, we’ve witnessed that many individuals embark on their sabbatical journey by bravely stepping away from the conventional path – they quit their jobs, temporarily disconnect from the corporate hustle, and immerse themselves in a well-deserved break.

It’s not merely a vacation; it’s a deliberate choice to hit pause on the predictable and embrace the unknown. These sabbatical seekers are driven by a profound thirst for inspiration, a hunger for fresh perspectives, and an insatiable curiosity to explore the world beyond the confines of their daily routines. They yearn for more than just a change of scenery; they seek moments of clarity, epiphanies around the next steps in their lives, and a deeper understanding of themselves and their aspirations. They understand that true insight often comes from stepping outside of the box, from venturing into unfamiliar territories, and from engaging with diverse cultures and viewpoints.

Unsettled Is Made For Sabbatical Trips

At Unsettled, crafting transformative travel experiences is our passion and expertise. Our meticulously designed journeys span from 7 to 30 days, offering the perfect blend of adventure, introspection, and community immersion.

Central to the Unsettled experience are our Global Experience Leaders – innovative creative professionals who are not just guides, but visionaries exploring new pathways for how to live and work in today’s dynamic world. Their backgrounds range from entrepreneur to executive coaches, but they all bring rich life experience well beyond a travel guide.

Rooted in the belief that meaningful connections foster growth, our trips are deeply community-focused, bringing together individuals on sabbaticals from all walks of life to form brain hives of collaboration, inspiration, and support. But it doesn’t stop there. Our curated workshops go beyond the surface, delving into topics that provoke thought, spark dialogue, and provide invaluable insights, empowering you to evaluate your desires and aspirations with newfound clarity. With Unsettled, every moment is an opportunity for growth, connection, and transformation.

So, whether you’re craving a digital detox in Bali, seeking inspiration in Peru, or yearning to recharge amidst the wild landscapes of Patagonia, Unsettled has got your back. It’s not just about taking a break from work; it’s about redefining what it means to truly live. So, pack your bags, leave the nine-to-five behind, and let’s make your sabbatical travel dreams a reality. Adventure awaits, and with Unsettled, the possibilities are endless.

Your Sabbatical Starts Here


(Where they’re headed is another story…)


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We asked our community to share. Here’s what they said…


“A global community of multi-cultured and value-minded people that want to help and inspire each other to build and live unique lifestyles.” – Renata Amaral

“Friends of a life-time in under a month. Literally no conversation was off.”
– Neelam Tewar

“A whole group of unique, enriching and amazing human beings with whom I had the deepest and most interesting conversations I’ve had in a long time. – Laurence Udo


“Unexpected friendships, new mentors and even donors to support my work. The people in this community want to support each other in any way they can, whether it’s offering a couch to sleep on or helping you build a website for your new project, you will always find an abundance of support.”
– Piper Anderson

“A community that has no borders, no nations and no politics. They are from nowhere and everywhere. Unsettled taught me what is important in life, and it is not the material things we surround ourselves with. Instead, it’s the people we connect with.”
– Albert Khoury


“More inspired and motivated with an urge travel this world and meet even more amazing people.”
–  Emil Manolea

“That I’m part of a global movement of like-minded people who are making the new normal. The more I design my ‘ideal life’, the more I realise that community is what underpins everything. Unsettled is the equivalent of a ‘home’ wherever you are”
– Sarah Harrison






Our Guiding Philosophy

To guide people on a quest of life, meaning and adventure. Fuel inspiration, exploration and discovery of the world around us. Create value that enriches and improves the human experience. Seek purpose and meaning, wherever it may lie. Aspire to always push the boundaries of the unknown. Think differently about tomorrow, and seize the opportunities today that will make it possible.

Unsettled is a global community for those who value meaningful human connection. 

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