Jonathan Kalan is an award-winning photographer, journalist and media entrepreneur. He's traveled over 70 countries, and lived for extensive periods in Africa, the Middle East and Asia reporting for BBC, The Atlantic, The New York Times, Foreign Policy, and Huffington Post, among others.

Most recently, as the founding editor-in-chief of Timeline he built and launched a mobile-first newsroom designed to "break history", providing deep historical context to breaking news and current affairs. 

In his spare time, he hustles leaf plates and is an avid surfer, kayaker, biker, sailor and all-around adrenaline junkie. He recently graduated from TED's inaugural Residency Program in New York City, along with Michael.


Michael is an adventurer and entrepreneur who loves starting new (ad)ventures in work and in life. In addition to Unsettled, he is the co-founder of Idea / Shift, a digital creative agency for early stage ventures.

He is the co-founder of Innovations Stories, a multimedia storytelling publication out of MIT and has a decade of experience as an entrepreneur or innovator building new ventures and programs for Fortune 500 companies, investors, and leading academic institutions. 

He's an avid mountain and road biker, sailor, traveler, and backcountry explorer. He recently graduated from TED's inaugural Residency Program in New York City, along with Jonathan.

Alexandra  Mandel
Head of community growth

Alex is passionate about creating shared experiences that broaden peoples' perspectives. She joined Unsettled as Head of Community Growth after managing partnerships at a travel tech startup. With a degree in International Development from American University, Alex devoted her early career to facilitating service-learning experiences in India and Israel at Project TEN, where she went on to lead their North American operations. As a first generation American, she was exposed early and often to the diversity of the human experience and the depth of its ingenuity. She speaks French, Hebrew, and English and has paid rent in DC, Hyderabad, Tel Aviv, Oakland, and a tree-house in Goa. Depending on the season, Alex can be found either chasing powder days (repp'ing SheShredsCo.), rallying her community around social justice and sustainable business, or working from an Unsettled retreat.

Allie Silver
@VivafreeradicalWEBSITE | EMAIL
Experience Leader

Allie "Alita" Silver has spent the past six years absorbing the best of Buenos Aires and sharing it with the world. Since founding a music management and consulting company called Free Radical Productions, she's been on the road non-stop producing and managing over 25 international tours throughout Europe, the US, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Latin America. Allie has worked in the world music industry for the past 10 years in a variety of roles, from managing ZZK Records in Buenos Aires to festival production and radio host for the Chicago World Music Festival, to being a guest speaker and lecturer from everywhere from Valencia to Taiwan. She is absolutely thrilled to work with Unsettled on promoting entrepreneurship, the mobile office lifestyle, and sharing all the magic that her favorite city of Buenos Aires has to offer.

Liza Schmidt
Experience Leader

Liza has spent the past five years working in various roles in international education. She has managed international relations and study abroad programs at a major Colombian university, oversaw student relations at an international experiential education provider, and managed volunteer programs at Colombian nonprofits. She currently lives in Medellín, Colombia where she founded La Vaina News, a weekly Spanglish news bulletin. In her free time, she loves to dance salsa, learn new languages, make homemade jam, and listening to people's unique stories and backgrounds. Reach out to her to share yours. 


Jonah Brotman is a serial social entrepreneur who has traveled to 64 countries before the age of 30. Yet experiences speak louder than numbers. He has driven from London to Mongolia for charity, contracted malaria twice in Ghana, been arrested in refugee camps, worked on disaster relief in Haiti and Peru, and can say “hello”, “thank you” and “that’s a crazy price” in more languages than he can count. Jonah co-founded Operation Groundswell, a group volunteer travel company dedicated to 'backpacking with a purpose'. In its 10 years, Operation Groundswell has led over 1500 students to 20+ countries while fundraising over $1M USD. 

Luli Alderuccio


Luli worked for 8 years in marketing and experience design for globally recognized companies with offices in Buenos Aires before she decided to go independent in order to combine her background in marketing and experience design with her passion for helping individuals live life to its fullest. She also quit the 9 to 5 career path to create a healthier lifestyle. She now travels more frequently, enjoys more time in nature, is able to build deeper relationships with her friends and clients, and still finds her most creative outlets in her work. In addition to Unsettled’s program leader in Buenos Aires, Luli is the co-founder of Soaring Consulting, a marketing and human development consulting firm that emphasizes the conscious development of people and companies. 

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