60+ nationalities.  Ages 23 - 70+ years old.  Every type of profession imaginable. 300,000+ WhatsApp & SLACK messages. 35 trips extended & flights rescheduled. 10 career changes. 1 marriage (yup).

Don't just take it from us. Here's what our community says about us:

I’d planned on spending a month abroad independently. Then I found Unsettled and saw that they offer so much more than just a place to live and work while abroad. They also offer knowledge, a network of likeminded individuals and professionals, in-town and out-of-town adventures and amazing professionally-focused workshops. It was exactly what I needed and they have exceeded expectations in every respect.
— Rob, Search Engine Marketing & Digital Paid Advertising Expert, USA
An Unsettled trip is like venturing into the unknown. You have no idea how the experience or people you’ll meet will be. But that unknown proved to be a very rewarding experience. You leave Unsettled richer. Richer in the memories you create and the connections you make. Worth every minute.
— Lesibane, Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather, Ghana
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The month in Medellin allowed me to first and foremost re-connect to myself, step out of the rat race and gain a new perspective on what makes me happy. Along the way, I’ve explored and fell in love with a new culture, and developed a new attitude and appreciation for life that I took back with me. Finally, I’ve made meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime, which is simply priceless.
— Ivana, Digital Strategist, Canada
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Unsettled is the kind of experience you can’t really explain to someone unless they’ve done it themselves. Step out of your comfort zone and just do it! “Damn, I really shouldn’t have done that Unsettled month” said no-one ever!! No matter how your experience was, you will have definitely learned something new.
— Annette, Founder, Flexyskills, South Africa
The Unsettled trip ranks on the best trips I’ve ever taken (and I’ve been to 75 countries). Great organization and curation with the ability to take a bit of a leadership role in the activities. All in all it is hard to find a better group and trip.
— Andrew, Founder of Startup Weekend, USA
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In the past year, we’ve circled the world once with nothing but a carry-on. Out of all of the amazing experiences we’ve had, Unsettled in Medellin ranks at the top. What will we miss the most? The wisdom that blossoms from community, and our new life-long friends.
— -Aviv & Paulina, Founders of Leaving Wooster, Israel
An inspiring, unforgettable experience. I absolutely loved my month with Unsettled and still keep in touch with the amazing people I met there (with reunions in 6 countries so far!). I’ve done other coliving retreats in the past, but the way they structure and facilitate their retreats puts them above all the rest. The Unsettled team takes a mindful approach that immediately creates an open, friendly and inclusive environment from day one. It was easily one of the best months of my life. I can’t wait to do another!
— Colin, Creative Director, USA
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In 2014, I took a leap of faith. I decided to take a month-long leave from work and join 30 strangers on an island 10,000 kilometers from my home in Rio. For those 30 days in Bali, I worked in one of the most inspiring, productive, and fulfilling environments I could ever imagine. It showed me what was possible.
— Carol, Freelance Graphic Designer, Brazil
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“This entire month is an opportunity to step out of your bubble or comfort zone and take a look at your life from a completely different angle. The people you’ll meet are often from a different background than yours, they will provide you with a new perspective of your life. They will help you realize some of your hidden/unused skills…
— Hussein Hamoud, Software Engineer, Lebanon
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Unforgettable experience with a lot of open-minded people and a lot of loughter. Excellent organization and overall value.
— Bobby, Bitcoin & future of money expert, Bulgaria
I met 29 incredible people from all walks of life, and found a little part of me in all of them. These people were intelligent, witty, bloody smart, beautiful, adventurous, hilarious, and full of joy. Aside from the group lunches, family dinners and adventures, this month allowed me to share my story with the group and let me be part of others’ stories...
— Shitika, Freelance Journalist & Digital Content Creator, India
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I was immediately reminded that stepping outside my comfort zone is my comfort zone, and it became the catalyst for an intense and unexpected level of personal and professional growth for me. I was able to run my business smoothly from a different hemisphere, make life long connections with people from around the globe, and return home with an incredible sense of purpose and focus. Did I mention how much fun I had in the process?
— Seth, CEO of TrekLight Gear, USA
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This has been a life changing experience for me. It’s an eye opener and an amazing opportunity that allows you to be true to yourself, meet great people, get inspired, and leave with positive energy that I’ve never felt before!
— Aya, Manager at Vodafone, Egypt
Imagine a group of 25 diverse people coming together from all over the world with different professional backgrounds, led by a couple of locals who know their cities inside and out, add some pretty great accommodations and entrepreneurial/creative workspaces, and thirty days of camaraderie and adventure and you have Unsettled. Work, play, explore, live unsettled in the most fulfilling way possible. You’ll leave with friendships an experiences that will last a lifetime. Just do it.
— Uday Jhunjhunwala, Filmmaker, Writer, Investor, USA
Unsettled is not a trip; it’s an experience. I thought joining Unsettled would be a good way to explore professional options. I never expected it to be a time of unparalleled personal growth and reflection. Thank you Unsettled. I’ll be back.
— Susan, Co-founder, PowerScore Test Prep, USA
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What an incredible experience in Bali with the Unsettled group. Met 30 wonderful people from all over the world (I think we had most continents covered!) and every day was a new adventure. Thank you for the memories and the wonderfully magical experience!
— Parth, Investor / Entrepreneur, USA
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Honestly one of the best decisions of my life- I never imagined I could live and work in a place as beautiful as Bali, surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives and thinkers.
— Leen, Designer, Founder of THIS Toothbrush, Lebanon
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Unsettled is so much more than a chance to travel while working. It’s recognizing skills and strengths you never knew you had. It’s putting yourself out of your comfort zone... finding people who truly understand your lifestyle and the need to search for something more. And it’s realizing that there’s nowhere else you’d rather be in the whole entire world than where you are at that moment.
— Carly, Reporter / Editor, USA
I won’t bother trying to sell you something with embellished words and picturesque descriptions. Here’s the truth: I don’t like big groups and dislike socializing with people that I’m realistically never going to see or speak to again. But I am glad that I took the leap and joined Unsettled, because I met some amazing individuals on this trip and have formed real friendships with them — all the while exploring a new city. Because of Unsettled, I now have more friends all over the world and places to call home.
— Karin, Legal Professional, USA / Taiwan

Unsettled in one word is...

"...Joy"     "...Unforgettable"     "...Routine-killer!"     "...Liberating"     "...Empowering"     "...Brilliant"
"...OVERTOOSOON(I cheated a bit)"