Unsettled: Accountability Journeys 



You’ve had a spark of clarity for what comes next. 

It’s time to bring that spark into reality. 

More than anything, you need accountability, tools, and the right environment to bring it to life. 

This is the work of integration.

Unsettled’s Accountability Journey is a community of like-minded peers designed to support individuals in achieving their career and lifestyle goals.

Our approach emphasizes collective accountability, mutual support, time and space for action, and shared progress.

Keep your momentum

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Immerse yourself in a process that marries intention with action.

This is a space where you actively move closer to your goals. 

This is a time when you are ready to integrate your aspirations into reality.

Each week, we come together in group sessions to make deliberate experiments towards our career and lifestyle goals. Theses sessions will be lively, chatty, and fun as well as focused. 

You will navigate your unique pathway while engaging with and learning from others’ experiences.

For two months, Unsettled’s facilitators will guide you through the essential steps to clarifying your goals, committing to them “out loud”, dedicating time and space to working towards them, and overcoming obstacles standing between you and your personal vision for your life.

6 Group Sessions, over 8 weeks delivered live and recorded and available for download after each session.

8 Weeks of Interactive, Online Programming, with live sessions alongside frameworks ready for you to put to work.

A Community Platform to articulate, set, and share your intentions as well as overcome the obstacles along your pathway.

2 Unsettled Facilitators, to guide each session, clarify our intentions, and share our frameworks. 

10 to 20 Peers in each cohort to keep diversity high and group size intimate.

1 Goal to make tangible progress on the career and lifestyle goals that’ll come next for you.

Next Program:

Starts April 1st.

Live Sessions Wednesdays
3pm GMT / 11am ET  

Program Pricing:


*Special Pricing For 1st Cohort.

Who Is the Accountability Journeys For?

You have a vision for what you want next. The Accountability Journeys are for you if you:

  • Recently returned from a profound travel experience and are filled with inspiration and ideas for yourself. Now you need a structured path to integrate your personal insights into reality.
  • You’re at a crossroads where have a vision for your future but need accountability. You are ready to commit to a journey of intentional, purpose-driven change with community of like-minded peers.
  • You’re an Unsettled Alumni and are seeking to act upon the insights gained from your Unsettled experience, ensuring that your goals don’t just remain ideas but evolve into tangible outcomes.

Your bottom line? You need a little accountability to integrate changes you want come to life.




Begin your journey with focused goal setting: make sure your goals are SMART goals and they’re connected to the broader vision you have for yourself. You’ll write them down, and share them with others.

This is where you transition from ambiguity to clear, actionable objectives, publicly committing to your aspirations within your cohort to solidify what you will be working on.

You will define “success” so that you know exactly what it looks and feels like at the end of this action-oriented journey.



II. Dedicated Experimentation

Transform your aspirations into tangible actions through dedicated time and space for small, focused experiments. This phase is about bridging the gap between your vision and results. 

You can fully expect to bump up against barriers and challenges. You’ll document them, identify what was harder than expected, learn from them, and realize that everyone is going through this process.

It won’t be a straight path to your outcome. It’s by making a dedication to the pursuit of experimentation that’ll take you somewhere, even if it’s not your original target. 

iii. Collective Accountability

There’s an infectious energy in a group setting that fuels motivation and drive.

Witnessing peers tackle challenges and make strides towards their goals will inspire and propel you forward to work through your own inevitable challenges. 

You’ll be exposed to a multitude of viewpoints and strategies. The diverse approaches found in Collective Accountability enriches your own problem-solving toolkit.

There’s a powerful sense of responsibility that comes with group participation. Are you ready to join us?





Since 2016, Unsettled has taken over 3,000 participants on a journey that’s allowed them an intentional pause and rethink how they are creating the work and lifestyle they want.

The process behind Unsettled has brought us to 25+ countries. Won us awards from the United Nations and recognition from publications like The New York Times. We ask the big questions, but we don’t prescribe one-size-fits-all answers or solutions. 

Unsettled is a global community for those who value meaningful human connection. 

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