If you feel like a breakthrough is imminent, then you are ready to dive deep in a one-on-one design session with the Unsettled team. These private one-on-one sessions give you dedicated time and space to sync up with an Unsettled facilitator for some hands on personal work.

Whether it’s a brainstorming session to articulate your values, developing a life philosophy, or working through a career pivot by examining your core tensions, we’re excited to work with you. These sessions are great if you want to…

–  Collect data and insights from your life journey so far
-Connect the dots between your values and the work that you do into a passion statement
– Articulate your personal life philosophy, mission statement, or ikigai
– Brainstorm what’s possible and can show up in your life in the next three years
– Build a bridge between your passion and the work you want to be doing

Whatever it is, these sessions these sessions are designed to connect dots in your life, to articulate what’s truly important to you right now, and to gain clarity in a space created for open dialogue.  

Ready to dive in?

Once you register below, please reach out directly to any one of your Lifestyle Incubator facilitators via Direct Message in Slack, and they’ll share their calendar links for you to book your session.

Unsettled Lifestyle Incubator | 1:1 Extra Sessions



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