25 Exceptional People | 30 DAYS Coworking | A European Spring

May 1- May 30, 2017


What is Unsettled: Barcelona?

For our first European experience, we're bringing together 25 people from creative and entrepreneurial backgrounds to live, work, and explore Barcelona for 30 days. This Unsettled experience is about you. It's about taking an intentional break from your routine, finding new perspective, building new relationships, and growing new ideas. It's about using Barcelona's famous cityscape to inspire creativity, productivity, and balance in your life.

For one month, you'll live and work remotely from the heart of Barcelona, one of Europe's most culturally rich and exciting cities. From the unique architecture and history layered throughout every city street, to the nearly endless selection of neighborhoods, bars, and sites to see and explore, not a moment passes in without a sense of discovery in Barcelona. 

The Community.

Creatives. Entrepreneurs. Artists. Freelancers. We bring together the intellectually curious who seek to replace routine with adventure, and embrace the unknown. You will share the experience of a lifetime in Barcelona alongside a curated group of peers who hold a wealth of experience far deeper than just their careers.

The Experience.

The Unsettled experience is your experience. We provide housing, workspace, and an unforgettable month. You can expect regular dinner parties, peer-to-peer workshops, happy hours, and weekend excursions. From the moment you arrive, you will experience Barcelona like a local.

You'll live in a private furnished apartment designed to feel like home, or have your chose between a private or shared room (at a discount) in a social house. We never put you in hotels or dorm-style accommodation. You'll also receive a full-time membership at our coworking space, a local SIM card, and have internet in your apartment. Don't worry, you can live unsettled and stay productive. That's the point. 

What’s Included?

  • Airport transfer
  • SIM cards
  • A private room or shared room in a stunning, centrally located apartment
  • Full-time membership at our local co-working space
  • Weekly lunch, workshops, BBQs, and dinner parties
  • Invitations to art openings and exhibits, local events, parties, concerts, and much much more
  • Whatever you and your peers decide to contribute: lead a workshop, facilitate an exploratory conversation, or organize a dinner

The Dates

May 1st to May 30th, 2017


1 month → [COMING SOON] 

Application Deadlines

Applications for May, 2017 will be accepted no later than April 1, 2017.


Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?