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The Basics

What are Unsettled's travel retreats & experiences all about?

The boundaries between work, life, and travel are becoming blurred, fundamentally changing how we live today. Unsettled brings together groups of travelers and professionals from around the world for uniquely co-created experiences. Each one-weektwo-week, or one month retreat is designed to break your routine and inspire a renewed sense of growth, meaning and adventure through transformational travel and peer-to-peer learning.

Whether you’re working full time, or going through an intentional career transition, our retreats are designed to help you break out of your routine and explore a new destination with an incredible group of peers.

Each destination and experience is different, however most one-month and two-week experiences include comfortable and centrally located accommodations, a coworking space, full-time staff dedicated to lead your experience, a productivity-driven environment, regular dinner parties and themed conversations, peer-to-peer workshops, curated events, epic adventures, spontaneous activities and hopefully one of the best experiences of your life. Our one-week experiences are more adventure driven, whether urban or nature focused – and you can explore what each trip holds by visiting that particular retreat page.

You can learn more on Our Experience page.


What's an Unsettled Virtual retreat all about? What's the difference?

Unsettled’s Lifestyle Incubator program is our first ever “Virtual Retreat”, and run entirely online with a global community. The program is specifically designed for professionals who are seeking to redefine their career trajectory and navigate through their next big transition with intention and clarity… without leaving home.

Unlike our in-person 1-month, 2-week, and 1-week travel experiences and retreats, which are highly flexible and designed as experiences for you to experiment with living, working, and exploring in new ways, it is intentionally structured as a 4-week program.

This “Virtual Retreat” format is similar to an online course, however, it’s much more collaborative, interactive, and it’s a shared experience. Like our regular Unsettled travel experiences, we create an environment where people can connect and find as much meaning and growth from the connections they make as the content and structure we provide. All content will be delivered digitally, through a mix of live video conferences, recorded sessions, offline exercises and tools, and a community chat and content sharing platform that will be active throughout the experience.

Whether you’re working full time, taking a sabbatical, or going through an intentional career transition, this experience is designed to help you break out of your routine and identify the core tensions between the lifestyle you want and the career trajectory that aligns your values, interests, and skills.


You can learn more on Lifestyle Incubator page, or our Virtual Retreat FAQ page.


Who comes on Unsettled retreats?

Most people on an Unsettled retreat are professionals with multidimensional personalities and vast interests. This isn’t a post-college party trip. Our average age of participants is mid 30’s to mid 40’s, but we’ve hosted folks of all ages. Living Unsettled is truly ageless.

We’ve hosted CEOs and entrepreneurs, artists and experience designers, and people who are active, even experts, in everything from transcendental meditation to CrossFit, from Bikram yoga to kiteboarding, and from diving to flying. On any given day however, most of us are content hanging out with each other, exploring new places and trying new things.

Since thinking big about our work and careers is one of the organizing principles of Unsettled, many participants are high achievers who organize major conferences, run businesses, or are recognized experts in their field. We have a lot of designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and startup enthusiasts on our trips.

All of this being said, it’s not required to be working on something or have a “professional CV” in order live Unsettled with us. Many joining us are retired, taking a sabbatical, or deciding what comes next in life and looking for some inspiration.

At Unsettled, we truly focus on building retreats full of dynamic people who have much more to offer to the group than just work experience. These experiences are social by definition, and so one of our main qualifications is to look for people who share some simple principles:

  • Open to spending time with people from different cultures with different value sets
  • Curious about the people and the world around them
  • Considerate of others

Basically, as long as you’re not an asshole, you’ll fit right in.



What's the average age of an Unsettled participant?

We have a diversity of age ranges on all Unsettled retreats. On any given Unsettled retreat, our average age range is mid-30s to early 40s, but don’t fret — some of our alumni in their 50s and 60s have the more rewarding journeys and some of our 20-year-old participants are loved for the energy they bring. You’re never too mature, experienced, or have too much energy for Unsettled.

How structured/unstructured are these retreats? Will I have free time?

Yes! In fact, most of the time while away is up to you. The Unsettled experience is your experience, don’t forget! We create just enough structure so that you can plug into the different activities, workshops, and connect with people as you wish.

Nothing is required, and everything is voluntary; however, we do look for people who contribute, and highly recommend that you do. Typically, the more you put into your experience, the more you get out. Our role is to provide a platform so you are informed and can participate as you like.

Most days are unstructured work days, exploration days or adventure days (whatever your current activity!) You can work from our central coworking space, a coffee shop, the beach or a park, depending on the destination if you need to. Or, you can go explore with other participants to places we recommend or discover your own new secret spots. We tend to have a fixed family-style group dinner once a week where everyone can check in and catch up with each other, as well as numerous other dinners, events, activities and surprises throughout each week that everyone is welcome to join. You never know the kind of inspiration that can come through connecting with a community, so be sure to try and take advantage of it while you’re able.

For our one-week retreats, these are focused a bit less on work, and much more around living in the moment for the week. Our one-week trips are specifically built to give you a personalized community experience – one where you can sync up daily with a group of fellow participants, opt in or opt out of a shared calendar of cool happenings, and live alongside us as we visit the world’s most vibrant cultural capitals or natural wonders.

Do I need to work while I’m on a retreat? Is it required?

These experiences are tailored specifically to and for you. While we will provide a productivity space for you at your location (with exception to only a few of our retreats), it is not required for you to work or have a job while you’re there. For our one-month experiences, you’ll have a membership at a Coworking space with full access to utilize as you like, get work done or just stay connected. During a two-week experience, the Coworking element will likely be located within your accommodations to be used as a productivity area, as it’s more likely 2 weeks will bring you a break in your routine. For one week Unsettled trips, the world is your Coworking space! We’ll hunt down the best neighborhood spots to hop in and out of as we see fit.

Remember, each person’s experience is a bit different, and you are not obligated to spend time doing anything that does not suit you.


Am I too old for this experience? Will I fit in?

You’re never too old for an Unsettled experience, and we’re confident that if you love adventure and meeting a community of inspiring, like-minded individuals, this is a great fit for you. On average, most participants are mid 30’s to early 40’s, but we’ve had folks from ages 22-75 come live Unsettled from all walks of life. We deeply believe that diversity of age, background and life experience is what makes each Unsettled trip special, and we’ve had everyone from recent college graduates to grandparents join us for an incredible experience. Each retreat is curated to focus on the unique set of people that are co-creating and collaborating together, making sure the experience feels like your own. Unsettled is an opportunity for anyone who’s seeking a semi-structured sabbatical, an experience of embracing the unknown in a new city, a community of hard-working misfits, a break in their routine, or whatever else fills in the blank!



I don't have a project, remote job or freelance business to fill up my time. Is Unsettled right for me?

Our program could be the perfect fit for you, depending on what you’re looking for out of an experience! Some of our applicants are freelancers, business owners, people going through personal and professional transitions or those who are looking for a structured sabbatical. If you are interested in a particular destination, feel free to apply so you can book an admissions call and get a more comfortable confidence in feeling like this is something that will fit with your interests and time-frame.

You don’t need to have a “project” to fill your time, either. You can be as involved or unconnected as you like with the activities and co-working space offerings throughout the retreat. The retreat is built for the best “you” time!




Can I arrive late or leave early from the retreat?


We don’t recommend arriving or leaving outside of the set retreat dates, as we want you to get as much time with your new community as possible, and get the most benefit out of this experience. Arriving late or leaving early means you can miss out on some activities that we will all do together to kick things off or wrap things up. But at the end of the day it is up to you and, of course, if there is a work obligation or any kind of emergency, you are welcome to arrive a day or two later and leave a bit early. Give us a heads up when booking travel arrangements outside our regular start and finish dates and so we will do what we can to make it work! For our one-week experiences, we highly discourage leaving early or arriving late, as the experience is already so short and you’re guaranteed to miss out on something great.

What kind of events will there be? Do I have to go to them?

Unsettled is a co-created experience, and as a result a lot of our events, aside from some key ones, do not have specific dates and times set before you arrive. We keep flexibility when designing our experiences in order to shift things around based on the group. The Unsettled program is all about providing you with opportunities to make the most of the time there, especially since some of our trips are over in a flash! Besides a few fun things to kick us off and wrap up in the beginning and end of the trip, you can expect weekly family dinners, lunch and learns, and community-led workshops a couple of days each week! A calendar will come to you before your arrival and will continue to grow as the group fills it in. Everything is opt in or opt out as much as you want, so you get to really design the best month for YOU!

If you’re living Unsettled for one week with us, the events are a bit more open-ended depending on the experience. For more urban experiences, we’ll have 1-2 daily experiences, events or talks to join in on, networking events, curated conversations, group sessions, meet-ups, spontaneous adventures and more. There’s plenty of time to explore the city on your own, (because there’s a ton to explore!) but you never know what kind of unexpected things you’ll stumble upon with your own community. For our more “into nature” experiences like sailing, see the specific retreat pages for more information.




How long do most people stay on the trips?

Our retreats are anywhere from 1 or 2 weeks to 1 month at a time and we encourage you to arrive and depart along with the scheduled dates, so you don’t miss out on anything that the experience provides you. Some participants like to extend their stay in the location, so you are more than welcome to do that as well if you like. However, our accommodations are not available outside of our retreat dates, so if you are extending your stay, you will need to find your own accommodations on your behalf. If you need to arrive late or depart early for any reason, just give us a heads up so we can be of help if possible! If you’re joining our one week experience, we strongly recommend being there for the whole time, since the timeframe is already so brief.




How many people can I expect on each retreat?

All of our retreats are a bit different in terms of size. However, you can typically expect anywhere from 15-20 individuals to be joining you, plus our Experience Leaders! Every trip is different, and we can’t always predict exact numbers until just before a trip begins.  



Pricing and Details

How much do Unsettled trips cost?

Each experience is different, but our goal is to make them accessible and affordable – basically, less than or equal to what you’d spend during a month where you currently live. This ranges from $2,000 per month for cheaper destinations, to $4,000 for more expensive destinations.

There are many extras that are included in these retreats. Our costs can including everything from logistics and quality accommodations, internet upgrades, curated events, facilitators, and even infrastructure investments  While we are not overly luxurious we also don’t want to be cheap and we don’t want to skimp on the details. We started Unsettled because we believe in the need for it – not to make a billion dollar company. This is a lifestyle investment that we believe is worth it, and we do our best to keep it within range for people. The price ranges above are subject to change slightly depending on each destination.

What are the accommodations like?

We have a diverse range of accommodations in each of our destinations, often at different price ranges due to size and extra, awesome features. You can expect comfort and a place that feels like home – similar to a nice Airbnb but with a more communal vibe. You’ll get further accommodation info after a call with an Unsettled community member to give you all the details you need, but if you don’t find the accommodations are a perfect fit, in most locations you are welcome to find and book your own personal accommodations and still join the program for a fee.

What's included in the price?

What’s included differs depending on your destination, and the length of trip. Always consult the page for the specific retreat you’re interested in for the full list.

Generally, most one month and two-week trips include:

  • Accommodation (a private room)
  • Coworking space with full-time access, or a productive space to stay connected, depending on your trip duration
  • Dedicated leaders to facilitate the experience and connect you to almost anything you need
  • Destination orientation, welcome dinner & party
  • Airport pickup upon arrival in available locations
  • Weekly lunch and learns
  • Local SIM card for mobile connectivity in available locations
  • Organization of workshops, goals sessions, local guest speakers, happy hours, parties and more
  • Anything you and your peers decide to contribute: lead a workshop, facilitate an exploratory conversation, organize a dinner etc. Get creative!

**Please be sure to look at the specific destination pages for details on what’s provided in each location!

Your payment does not include several important things:

  • Alcohol- This may or may not be important to you 😉
  • Local transportation: Though we do help with arranging this, it is not included in the price. You will receive a bit more info via email on this.
  • Activities and adventures outside of the house (skiing, bicycle rentals, diving, climbing, etc. can all cost a significant amount and should only be paid for by people who partake in each activity, therefore are not included in the price unless otherwise noted)
  • Sometimes we organize yoga or meditation instructors to come to the house and arrange a group discount, but only those participating will pay for this
  • Meals are not included unless otherwise noted; however, we do like to facilitate group meals and all participants split the costs when the group decides to eat dinner together
  • Whenever possible, we are happy to help organize to get group discounts for any activities we do as a group. If something is not clear, please reference the individual retreat webpage or ask us. There will be more details on this sent via email.

Is airfare included in my payment?

Airfare is not included in the total amount listed for each location. Flights to and from are purchased by each person coming to live Unsettled with us, and while most of our locations have airport pick up included as well for you, we will help you with information on how to make your way if not.

Do I need Travel Insurance? Where should I buy it from?

Travel Insurance is something we recommend having just to be safe, but it is ultimately your decision before you depart. Since there are a lot of different Insurance companies, our best advice is to do a bit of research and compare a few options to understand what is offered to you, price points, and what is best for your needs. Luckily, there are plenty of resources online such as blogs, communal boards and websites that “nomads” have contributed to such as what they selected, why, and links to those sites that may be helpful for you as well.


Can I get my employer to pay for this?

We certainly hope so, but that’s ultimately between you and your employer. There have been a few of our Alumni whose employers have paid for a retreat in the past, but the case needs to be made by you. We can provide a productive work environment, structure, inspiring community and much more. For those of us who are self-employed, it’s best to check with your accountant, but we are happy to provide a summary of the purpose and benefits of these work retreats for an accounting professional to determine whether or not it meets your country’s tax laws as a write off.


What's the payment process like?

Once you’re invited to join a two-week or one month Unsettled retreat, your spot is held as soon as you pay your $500 deposit (and we’re more than 60 days from departure). Deposits are refundable less a $100 cancellation fee up to 60 days before the retreat begins. Final payments are due no later than 60 days before your retreat’s start date. Up to 45 days before your retreat, a full refund will be given less your $500 deposit, which can be applied one time and at no cost, to another Unsettled retreat that starts within 6 months of your original retreat. No transfers or refunds are available 45 days before a retreat starts. If you’re joining a one week trip, there are no deposits, and your full payment will be put down all at once.


Does Unsettled help in finding jobs?

We are not an employer, therefore Unsettled is not able to help with a job search or application process before, during or after a retreat. Our retreats are meant to connect you with a community of people to inspire you and give you the tools to grow both personally and professionally, so you never know what may come about from the people you get to connect with!

Visas and Flights

Do you assist with visas?

Given the extensive diversity of where people living Unsettled come from, we cannot assist with obtaining visas. However, if you require a proof of payment of the experience, proof of accommodations, or proof of acceptance into the Unsettled, we are able to provide these things upon request, so be sure to let us know!

Do you provide flights?

Travel and flights are not included in your program fee and we are not able to provide flights. You must arrive at the destination on your own and make your own way on afterwards… our job is make sure you have a great experience once you’re there!

How long in advance to I have to book?

These trips are relatively small. There’s only a max of about 25 or 30 people on each trip. All of them will fully book in advance. We recommend booking your spot as early as possible with a deposit. Most trips will be full or nearly full within 60 days of the start of a retreat.

Do you require travel insurance?

While we don’t require or provide travel insurance, and believe that everyone is able to make their own choices based on their personal comfort levels around risk, we do highly recommend purchasing it before you depart. In the possible event of natural disasters, political disruptions, or other events beyond our immediate control, we will not be able to issue refunds after our standard refund period of 45 days before your trip begins. There are loads of Travel Insurance companies nowadays, so do a bit of research to compare and contrast what best fits your needs when traveling.

When do I need to arrive and depart?

You’re more than welcome to arrive into your destination a few days before the official start date if it’s easier for you, but you’ll be responsible for finding your own accommodations until the afternoon of retreat start date. If you’re hoping to get a lay of the land ahead of time, more power to you! Just be sure you have booked yourself a place to stay.

For departures, we recommend booking a flight for the last day of our retreat. If you want to stay on in country after our retreat ends, you are more than welcome but please be sure to arrange your own accommodation offsite.

Guests and Couples

Can I bring my significant other?

Of course! In fact, we sometimes bring ours. We do ask that you keep in mind that this is a group retreat and that some of the most important aspects of the trip include socializing, collaborating, and working together. If you and yours are extremely private in nature, then a coliving and coworking retreat may not be for you. Let us know if you’re interested in bringing someone. We offer good discounts for couples coming together, since (we assume… 🙂 they’re sharing a room.

What's the guest policy when I'm on a retreat?

Unsettled welcomes friends of participants to join as guests for a few days. However, to keep things organized and respectful towards others on the trip, we do have a few rules around this.

Each guest must pay $50 per night and each participant can have their guest(s) for a maximum of 5 nights per month. This nightly fee includes access to our coworking space and unsettled events, workshops, dinner parties, lunches, etc. All guests are required to check-in with our Experience Leader and sign a waiver. No more than 1 guest is allowed at the same time because it can be disruptive and unfair to paying participants. Guests are not allowed within the first 5 nights of the experience because of exclusive Unsettled events to get you accustomed to your new community. Self-accommodation participants can have guests join at our coworking space and unsettled events, workshops, dinner parties, lunches, etc. for a fee. Inquire with your Experience Leader or let us know of additional questions!


Are trips for Families offered? Can I bring my kids?

We don’t have retreats with accommodations that are suitable for children at this time , but are hoping to be able to do this in the future. Feel free to email us at if you would like to be added to our family list so you are notified in the future if this is something we can offer.


Corporate & Custom Retreats

Do you run private retreats for startups or corporate teams ?

Yup! We have run several private retreats for startups, corporate teams, and universities. We would love to talk to find out if our interests are aligned. The founders of Unsettled have run countless workshops, seminars, conferences, and retreats, and we know exactly how to combine a focused work environment with adventures that facilitate camaraderie and reenergize your team. The reason it is called re/creation is because new adventures are proven to improve creation and focus. Contact us at to learn about what locations we have in mind near and far.

I’m in, how do I sign-up?

F*#k yeah! We’d love for you to join us. Send in an application HERE, or email for questions!

Did we miss something?

We’re happy to chat! Contact us and we’ll get right back to you!

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