12 Reasons To Join Unsettled’s Virtual Retreat

By Jonathan Kalan, Co-Founder, Unsettled


For years, Unsettled has been globally recognized as a curated travel company and global community for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. One that’s fundamentally rooted in asking the bigger questions around how we live, work, and travel today.

So it’s no surprise that people often ask, “why would I join your virtual retreat?”, when considering our online Lifestyle Incubator program.

Launched in November 2019 (yep, before COVID brought travel to a halt), our Lifestyle Incubator program is a unique 4-week online journey for professionals seeking to redefine and realign their lifestyle and career. It’s not your traditional online course. It is a highly interactive and collaborative community learning experience designed to challenge you, hold you accountable to your growth, and to put you on the unconventional path to your own version and vision of success.

Through live sessions and original frameworks, we offer provocative questions, bold ideas, practical tools, and an inspiring community that will challenge you to design your next move, reframe your trajectory, and be more intentional about making a career and lifestyle change.

After running over 100 in-person experiences (most of them a month long), we knew a virtual program like this was not just a “nice to have”. It was an essential part of our offering for those who couldn’t fly halfway around the world and spend a month living Unsettled, but who could still find value in Unsettled’s frameworks, approach, philosophy, and most of all, diverse and global community.

Our virtual retreats are unlike anything that exists out there, and we’re confident in that statement. They don’t exist to simply “replace” our in-person travel experiences. They are uniquely crafted, highly thoughtful, and deeply curated programs – ecosystems, really – that bring together a community of people asking a fundamental question in their life journey: “What’s next for me?” And they provide the essential tools for our participants to navigate that question, now and in the future, with clarity.

There are no age limits. No professional background requirements. Just a willingness to be open, experimental, and embrace lifestyle and career design as a lifelong process, rather than a single fixed outcome.

Yet, we don’t want to be the ones to convince you. We’d rather our alumni’s voices to stand boldly on their own.

So, we’d like to share 12 reasons to join Unsettled’s virtual retreats, directly from them.
We hope this gives you a sense of what makes them stand out…



“Unsettled’s Lifestyle Incubator made me realize the concrete disconnect that exists between how I think about my life and how I am actually living it.”
-Alberto, Puerto Rico


“It changed my view on what it means to live intentionally.”
-David, USA


“The sense of multicultural community belonging.”
-Armida, Mexico


“Being exposed to such a profoundly impressive group of like-minded yet diverse people from all over the world, each with a different perspective born from different experiences changed my life.”
-April, USA


“It surrounded me with a global community of learners”
– Pam, Canada


“It’s curated on solid foundation of deep experience and right intentions, and delivered with excellent facilitation skills. The team does more than just nudging or guiding you. Their tools, workshops, frameworks and perspectives have given me enough to start paving my own path.”
– Tripti, Netherlands


“The Unsettled Community is the community I’m mostly grateful to have in my life.”
– Krystel, Lebanon


“I can’t tell you how my quality of life and work has improved since…”
– Claire, Switzerland


“Expect the unexpected. Be open minded. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, changes can come into your life where and when you least expected them.”
– Anett, Dubai


“One of the most powerful communities I’ve encountered, and the fact that they did it virtually is extraordinary. I’ve never experienced a remote community of this depth and insight.”
– Rebekah, USA


“It helps you very quickly connect with what’s most important to YOU and get some real clarity around where you want to go.”
– Michael, Australia


“If you feel stuck wondering what to do with this wild and precious life or just have some questions I’d encourage you to challenge yourself and take a chance with this. It may just make all the difference.”
– Ann, South Africa


Ready to invest in your future? Join our next Lifestyle Incubator session here!


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