25 Best New Remote Jobs in 2020

By: Naomi Matlow 

Have you been living in a state of “business on the top, loungewear on the bottom” the last couple of weeks? According to CNN Business, Walmart is seeing a significant rise in sales for tops (and not bottoms) during the coronavirus crisis. This is no surprise for the Unsettled team, or as we like to call ourselves #TeamNoPants, in light of the shared agreement that no one will ever ask another team member to physically stand up during our weekly “stand up” meetings… because in the world of telework, who needs pants? 

With millions more Americans professionally focusing on the waist up these days, we have compiled a follow up to our blog article “25 Best Remote Jobs in 2020”. And if you are looking for a community to launch into your next steps, check out our Virtual Retreat!

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Without further ado, here are 25 best NEW remote jobs that began to hire in February, 2020. 

1. Remote UX Researcher 

InVision, the digital product design platform, is looking to add a member to their design team. 

2. Remote Accounts Payable Specialist

GitLab is seeking an accounts payable specialist. Do you have experience with Netsuite?

3. Remote Learning & Development Manager 

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, is seeking a full-time online learning and development manager.

4. Remote B2B Marketing Automation Lead 

Do you have experience in email marketing and email automation tools? Two95 International Inc. is hiring. 

5. Remote Crisis Response Manager 

The Wikimedia Foundation is hiring a new remote team member to their Community Resilience & Sustainability office. 

6. Remote Technical Support 

Join the technical support team of Uscreen, the world’s leading video monetization platform. 

7. Remote Director of Sales Enablement 

Cloudbeds creates advanced cloud-based hospitality software and are seeking a director of sales. 

8. Remote Customer Support Specialist 

Hubspot is hiring for their customer support team. 

9. Remote Tech & VC Writer

Write about tech world trends and the venture capital landscape for the content marketing agency, Animalz. 

10. Field Marketing Manager 

Veeva Systems builds cloud technology for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and they are seeking someone to join their marketing team. 

11. Remote Copywriter 

Do you have experience writing B2B creative content? Mondo is hiring. 

12. Remote Technical Support Specialist 

Sidley Austin LLP is hiring a technical support specialist to join their team. 

13. Remote Graphic Designer

Wave, an exciting social initiative, is hiring a graphic designer to help them achieve their goals. 

14. Remote Senior Software Engineer 

Carbon Relay is looking for a senior software engineer to join their team in building Kubernetes optimization products. 

15. Remote Full-stack Engineer

Forerunner builds tools to help communities adapt to the impacts of climate change, and they are hiring a remote full-stack engineer. 

16. Expert Django Developer 

Are you a senior level Python developer? DjangoForce is hiring. 

17. Remote Cloud & Site Reliability Engineer 

Do you work in DevOps? Bold Penguin is hiring in their software development team.  

18. Remote JavaScript Engineer

Do you know JavaScript? Automattic is hiring. 

19. Remote Content Marketer/Copywriter 

Do you write marketing copy? Uhuru Network is hiring. 

20. Remote Head of Growth 

Stacker is hiring a head of growth for the first time to help share their product. 

21. Remote Lead Product Designer

Are you a UX Designer? Slite is hiring a remote designer to join their team. 

22. Remote Customer Support Representative 

Envision Physician Services is hiring a customer support representative to work 100% remotely.  

23. Remote Executive 

Zoom is the talk of the town these days, and they are hiring many remote positions. 

24. Remote Freelance Research Writer 

Research and write for Wonder from the comfort of your own home. 

25. Remote Customer Experience Associate

The real estate tech startup, Bowery Valuation is looking for a customer experience associate to join their time. 

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