30 Best Sites To Plan Your Next Career Change

By: Naomi Matlow 

When you look out at the year and decade ahead, what is it that you would like to change? What is it in your life that needs a little boost of inspiration, a finetuning, or a shake-up? 

If the first thing you can think of is a career change, then you’re not alone. A recent Gallup poll showed that a whopping 70% of the American workforce (85% worldwide) say they hate their jobs, usually because of a toxic boss. A recent CNBC/SurveyMonkey Workplace Happiness Survey also revealed that last year, a third of workers said they had seriously considered quitting their job in the previous three months.

So, what can you do about it? Start the job search here. 

We’ve compiled 30 of our favorite websites that even a small scroll through can provide that nudge of motivation and that dose of inspiration in order to start planning what is next for you. 

These are all types of resources – from the conventional to the highly unconventional – for if you’re planning a career change. Some of them are job boards, skill sharing platforms, information resources, places to gather perspective, but all can be useful in your search for new ways of working.

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Without further ado, here are our 30 Best Sites To Inspire Your Next Career Change: 


Step 1: Where to Find Inspiration For Your Next Career 

Where to go to get inspired by companies and career tracks, ask the big questions, or understand more about what you really want out of your next career.

  1. TED

​Bitesize education, inspiration, and food for thought is a short video away. Creating your own personal TED Talk film festival-binge is always a stark reminder of the vast world of possibility and opportunity that awaits us when we venture outside of our comfort zones. You can start your binge here.  

  1. Kickstarter

You perhaps haven’t thought of this one. Neither did we, until a quick browse got us down a long rabbit hole of super inspiring new ideas,companies, and things we didn’t know existed (or, in some cases, the world even needed). Perhaps there’s a startup that’s just hit their goal that now needs someone with your skills. Or maybe seeing someone else kickstart their innovation will inspire your next one. 

  1. Outside Online

A simple scroll through Outside Online already makes you want to climb a mountain or dive into the ocean. Imagine what it could do for career and lifestyle inspiration? If your passion lies in the outdoors, from travel writing, gear reviews, to outdoor gadget inventions, your next career innovation may be waiting here.

  1. Quora

As it’s been said many times before, “there is nothing new under the sun.” And if there was, someone already asked about it on Quora. It is the world’s message board. Your next career may lie in a question somewhere here. 

  1. The NYT Smarter Living Blog

Definitely a favorite New York Times section, Smarter Living is full of daily inspiration on how to lifehack your life. Full of “how tos” and thoughtful essays, start off with writer and editor Tim Herrera’s recent piece, “Thinking About a Job or Career Change? Read This”.

  1. Pinterest

What about creating your own digital vision board or scroll through what others are loving or being inspired by. A picture can tell a thousand words. 

  1. Harvard Business Review

Take a look at Harvard Business Review, and not just to create an impressive Google search history. Big ideas and impressive studies line these digital pages. 

  1. YouTube

We’re not kidding! As you know, there are commencement speeches galore, “how to” videos bursting at the seams, and our favorite slow jam mixes for background music while working or searching the web. Make YouTube your superpower.    

  1. McSweeney’s

The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. McSweeney’s is an awesome humor site that is always there when you need to get out of your head and give that serious brain a break. Because, why not?

  1. On Being

Hands down, one of my personal favorite podcasts is On Being with Krista Tippett. In podcast form as well as through the written word, stories about social justice, personal accounts of resilience and overcoming obstacles, and questions of spirituality are all part of On Being. 

  1. Brain Pickings

One of my personal favorite corners of the internet is Brain Pickings, a digital collection of essays on art, letters, and poetry, shared in an accessible, creative, and empowering way. Especially in times of transition, it is always comforting to read what some of humanity’s greatest thinkers have written about the human experience. Join their newsletter too to get weekly inspiration into your inbox!


Step 2: Where to Find Expertise, Guidance, & Skills For Your Next Career

Where to upskill, learn more about an industry, or update your resume!

  1. Year Compass 

One of Unsettled’s favorite intention setting tools is Year Compass. It is a free resource booklet, downloaded by millions of people worldwide, to finish the year that was and to kick off 2020 with intention. It’s not too late for a new year’s resolution, we promise!  

  1. Pivot Planet 

Pivot Planet connects you with career coaches and expert advisors, in your particular field, for one-on-one online sessions to help guide your career pivot. There is very little that real life experience can replace! 

  1. Novoresume

Founded by two Unsettled alumni, Novoresume is an online platform to revamp your resume, CV, and cover letter, alongside industry professionals. With templates and samples for you to use and an awesome career blog with loads of examples and career advice, let Novoresume be your guide. 

  1. MasterClass

You can truly learn from the masters from the comfort of your home. Scientists, novelists, screenwriters, historians, you name it, master classes are waiting for you on the other side of that laptop screen. 

  1. Escape The City

Their goal is to get you loving your Mondays– that is music to our ears and may be to yours too! With job boards, and an in-person career change accelerator and startup accelerator programs, Escape the City is designed to help people find work that they love. 

  1. CreativeLive

Learn, practice, or master any creative endeavor that has been sitting on your bucket list for far too long. Learn from some of the world’s best creators and innovators through online video tutorials. What would it mean for your creativity to lead the way to your next career pursuit?

  1. Skillshare

Similar to CreativeLive, Skillshare is a video tutorial platform for anything from calligraphy to personal productivity. Find a new hobby or cultivate what used to light you up as a child. It’s all online for you to pursue! 

  1. Coursera

How about going back to school? There are hundreds of free courses here, or you can earn a degree or certificate, completely online through Coursera. Top professors from world famous universities are waiting for you. This time you can really wear your PJs to class. 

20. ResumeBuild

ResumeBuild is a premium online resume maker. With a huge variety of templates to choose from, ResumeBuild is a perfect companion in your job hunt – whether you are looking for a first job and have no experience or you have a ton of experience that you need help organizing.

Step 3: Where to Actually Find Jobs! 

Job boards, remote work opportunities, flexible work opportunities, and more!

21. The Muse

With job boards, company information, a career advice section, and a career coaching corner, The Muse is a treasure trove of conscious scrolling for what jobs are out there and how the professional economy is evolving as we speak. 

22. Idealist

Idealist is a nonprofit organization that connects people with meaningful organizations that are making a difference in our world today. Connecting you to jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and graduate schools, your answer to “what’s next for me?” may be in these pages. 

23. LinkedIn

This may be an obvious one, but LinkedIn is a tool for job searching, benign career stalking, and a vehicle to connect to individuals you admire in order to seek mentorship, career advice, or even a job. 

24. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one of our favorite job search engines, but we have shared many more listed here. We are always looking for ways for our work to coexist meaningfully and productively with our lifestyles. If you are on the hunt for a job with more flexibility and freedom, check out these job boards! 

25. Upwork

Are you looking for flexible freelance work? Your special skill may be exactly what a company out there is looking for. You can apply to be a freelancer with a myriad of special skills on Upwork.

26. Fiverr

Looking to make a quick buck with a skill of yours? Fiverr is a marketplace of talent that can get your name and your skills out there so you can start getting hired to do what you love. 

27. Remote.co 

Another virtual job board to explore, choose what type of remote work you are looking for and the world truly is your oyster. From customer service, bookkeeping, developer jobs, HR and recruiter roles, designer positions, sales, writing, marketing, managing… check it out! 

28. Remotive

This bi-monthly newsletter and online job board is another great resource to explore what positions are available and what companies are hiring remote workers, in addition to tips for living the remote life. 

29. Glassdoor

Both a job board and a database of companies, Glassdoor may have your answers to what jobs exist at companies you are curious about, as well as reviews on companies where people have worked. 


Another handy job board and company review platform to have in your back pocket. Maybe your next career is listed on Indeed, or maybe one of these job listings will inspire your entrepreneurial venture?


Lastly, you’re sitting on one of the best resources available. Unsettled! (We had to :)) Whether it is through our alumni profiles, our community blog, or a dose of inspiration to live life a little more Unsettled with us on a retreat, or virtually in our Lifestyle Incubator, we are continuously practicing the art of living and working differently. We’d love you to come along!

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