7 Questions with Raúl Chávez, for One Week in Mexico City

By: Naomi Matlow

“Let the ‘Mexican love’ hug you.” – Raúl Chávez

The vibrancy of Mexico City keeps calling us back. It is full of magic, museums, and mezcal around every colorful corner. Who better to give us a taste of this mágico (before we can all experience it for ourselves!) than our very own Raúl Chávez, Unsettled Service Designer & CDMX aficionado. 

Photo by Tom Henton, Unsettled alum

Raúl and the Unsettled: Mexico City crew will be on the ground this October to show you their city. Where they create, unwind, work, explore, gather, and discover. You only have to meet one CDMX local to know, it takes a lifetime to experience everything this cultural capital has to offer. We’re giving you a week to get started… and we’ll start with 7 questions with our very own experto Raúl!

1. What are three words you would use to describe Mexico City?

Friendly, Colorful, and Tacos.

2. What is your favorite Mexico City street? Why?

Av. Amsterdam in La Condesa. It’s a slice of jungle in the city, a place where you  find art-deco, colonial and modern architecture and an oval-shaped street to walk around, inspire, and decompress yourself. 

3. Where in the city do you go for a quiet moment of reflection?

México City is a heart-beating city, that has everything for everyone. Every now-and-then you need a quiet moment of reflection. Usually I go around Roma Norte to walk-by, stop by a coffee shop or vinyl shop to just wander around my head. 

4. What is one piece of advice you would share with a fellow traveler visiting Mexico City for the first time? 

Embrace the warmth. Mexicans are really lovely and friendly people, from the lady selling tacos in the corner to executives around in Polanco, Mexicans are always welcoming all foreigners, so let the “Mexican love” hug you. 

Photo by Tom Henton, Unsettled alum

5. Where is your favorite spot to grab a late night mezcal?

There are so many good places for a late night mezcal… La Clandestina, Bosforo, La Nacional… but my favorite spot for sure is La Botica in La Condesa. A small venue where they have a huge variety of mezcal and where they know their mezcals…they nail their recommendation everytime…

6. What is your favorite street food stand for lunch?

That’s a hard one. Mexican food is so diverse and so rich in flavours… every state (there are 32) have a different regional food, so variety in Mexican food is something to expect. Definitely love Orinoco for late tacos and El Pescadito for some fish tacos…

7. What is one phrase in Spanish everyone should know before they touch down in Mexico City?

¿Me puedes dar un taco por favor? (Can you give me one taco please?)


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