7 Ways We Can Help Our Community in Beirut

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At Unsettled we have had over 100 Lebanese join us on trips around the world. If you are an alumni, you have surely met and fallen in love with one of them, as well as their culture, their history, and their passion. We were fortunate to run two trips to Lebanon last year during the revolution and experienced the most incredible hospitality.

We want to share ways to help our Lebanese family in the wake of the terrible explosion that occurred in central Beirut on August 4th. 

The events on August 4th have directly impacted so many of our community members. It has destroyed their property, their homes, their art, their designs, their businesses, as well as tragically impacted friends and family members who are injured or have lost their lives. 

Here are 7 Ways We Can Help and Support Our Community in Beirut:

1. Impact Lebanon – A non-profit, local organization providing disaster relief. They are actively coordinating with beneficiary NGOs who will need their help immediately. 

2. Lebanese Red Cross – The main provider of ambulance services within Lebanon as well as medical assistance for free. With more donations, they can reach more people.

3. Beit El Baraka – A local non-profit that assists retired Lebanese citizens with their struggles in the increasing costs of living. 

4. Baytna Baytak (Housing Help) – Donations go to immediate shelters for individuals and families with damaged homes. 

5. Just Help – Lebanon Relief Fund – Donations go to providing medication, reconstruction, and food to the hundreds of families in need.

6. Help Lebanon – A donation platform for NGOs and Health Institutes working on the frontlines.

7. Your Heart and Mind – Let’s not let these terrible events cast a shadow on the beauty of Lebanon and her people. We must know that their country is so much more than this moment. 

Bonus Organizations Work Supporting:

Donner Sans Compter – Donations help support the blood transfusion system in Lebanon that is totally supplied by volunteer, non-remunerated blood donations.

Beautiful People – Lebanon – A social initiative for cooking homemade meals for families in need. 

Lebanese Food Bank – Donations go to provide food boxes for people in need. For more information, reach out to us at hello@beunsettled.co


We are with you at this tragic time.










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