Bali is Open. 10 Reasons to Work From Bali in 2022.

Bali Is Now Open To Remote Workers in 2022.

By: Michael Youngblood

Officials in Bali announced on Monday, March 6 that it is reopening its visas on arrival for the first time in two years.

Remote workers from 23 nationalities will be eligible for visas on arrival. This stops the mandatory quarantine requirement for most travelers from these countries: 

Australia, the US, Netherlands, Brunei, Philippines, the UK, Italy, Japan, Germany, Cambodia, Canada, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, France, Qatar, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. More countries are expected to be added to this list soon.

Borders are opening.

Remote work is the new norm.

Unsettled Bali is back open! See the full details and be sure to apply here.

10 Reasons To Work Remotely From Bali in 2022


1) Bali has been closed to remote workers, digital nomads, and travelers for 2 years!

Bali established itself as the best all-around destination for remote workers up until the pandemic that is. 

This island has it all. Reliable wifi. Great accommodations. Culture. Beaches. Waves. Landscapes that rival any. 

All of this has reopened for remote workers as of March 2022.


2) The Internet Speed In Bali Is Setup For Remote Work

Unsettled’s workspace has three separate fiber optic lines running into it. There’s a dedicated 70 mbps plug at your desk. The mobile network continues to improve, and the island continues to invest in its digital infrastructure.

3) Bali Wants Your Business, Especially Remote Workers 

70% of Bali’s economy is tied to tourism. 

What do the cafes, national parks, surf shops, restaurants, bars, local boutiques, and that guy on the corner who rents motorbikes all have in common? They all want your business, especially if you are staying long-term.

There’s no better feeling than when travelers are appreciated for the economic impact they have.

4) It’s Been Business As Usual In Bali For A While 

Ask locals and they’ll tell you that things have felt normal for a while. 

Restaurants have been open. Those early morning, outdoor markets that we love have been open.

Island life continues, just at its own pace as always.

5) Don’t Expect Mass Tourism in Bali

It’ll take a while for the average traveler to get back to Bali. 

Crowds won’t swell back to pre-pandemic numbers that fast. 

This means your smoothie will be served a little faster. That yoga class will be less packed. The beach will be a little less crowded.

It’s yours to have.

6) Work Remotely? What Else Are You Going To Do With Your New Freedom?

If you began working remotely in the last two years, then consider the missed opportunities by staying home this summer! 

What are you waiting on? Your employer might tighten up that remote work policy. Or you might fall in love at home (instead of in Bali). Don’t miss out. Take advantage of all of those changes in your life. 

The time is clearly now.

7) No Quarantine Requirement in Bali

Bali has dropped quarantine requirements for 23 countries (and the list is growing). 

Like most countries on earth, there are still some requirements though. For a list, see here.

8) Explore All of Bali

Once you’re in Bali, explore all of the island, and surrounding islands, freely. 

Hop on a motorbike and ride up to the volcanoes.

Grab a ferry to one of the neighboring islands.

Like most travel these days, once you pass through the airport, you’re free to roam just like 2019!

9) You’ve Been Cooped Up Since 2020.

Face it, you probably haven’t traveled in two years like you wanted to. 

You’ve been stuck in front of zoom. You’ve been in more of a routine than ever. 

A change in location, even for one month, can have an amazing impact on how you wake up every day and live.

That’s why we call it living Unsettled and not traveling Unsettled. It’ll change your life now more than ever. 

10) Unsettled Bali Is Open.

Finally, after being closed for more than two years, Unsettled Bali is back in action and it’s one click away from the best months of your life! 

We will be running retreats in June, July, August, and beyond…


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