Beatriz Ayala Muniz has trained in 9 countries and run 150 miles while living Unsettled. Here’s why…

By: Beatriz Ayala, Tuscany, Amazon, Cape Town, Sailing and Bali Alumni. 

I began my travel around the world almost 7 months ago with a list of travel to-dos I wanted to accomplish. One of them was to train for a marathon… but not actually run one. So two months into my travels, when I was living Unsettled in Tuscany, my sister called and invited me to run a full marathon with her. My immediate reaction was to laugh out loud and shout back a bold “No” along with many excuses. And so I did, I told her “absolutely not, sister!”

But when I woke up the next day, I had a card on my bedside table that read: “I am unapologetic about what I desire and trust that what I focus on will grow.” I realized, I was getting in the way of my own growth and transformation and deep down I knew I needed to push myself to uncharted territories to challenge my self-imposed limitations. 

I had always been an athlete, but never a runner. More than the physical aspect, I had a mental block that I couldn’t go beyond the 6 mile/9km mark. 

And that’s when I made some changes and called my sister back.

Fast forward five months, and I’m a runner. I’ve trained in nine countries, ran more than 150 miles through freezing and extremely hot and humid climates, extreme wind conditions, forests, beaches, before sunrise, after sunsets and beyond.

I’ve gotten to know every new country with my feet; I have validated that dedication and determination will take you very far (literally and figuratively); and I have launched I Race Because in efforts to raise awareness about gender equality and racial equity while fundraising for a women empowerment foundation I volunteered for in Bangkok. 

My intention for 2019 is to lead with purpose, and for me, there is no better way to begin the year than leading my way thru 26.2 miles of physical, mental and emotional tests while positively impacting a community of women in need of education to be able to thrive.

It used to be Puerto Rico. Right now, the world. I’ve been on the road for the past 6.5 months, and I’m in the last three weeks of my trip around the world. I’ll be deciding my next home base in the next few weeks!

Unsettled destination:
Amazon, Tuscany, Cape Town, Thailand Sailing and Bali.

What do you do for work? 
I’m a Communication Strategist. I simplify complex challenges and solve problems by creating customer-centric creative solutions for businesses and brands. Right now, I’m building my business.

What makes you feel most alive?
Uncertainty. It’s the scariest and most exhilarating feeling in the world. The possibilities are endless. Music with the volume all the way up, singing on top of my lungs and dancing. Especially when the music is in Spanish. Sunsets light me up.Traveling to a place I’ve never been to with no previous research done. Trekking. Road trips. Sailing. Virgin beaches. Christmas season in Puerto Rico.

What does adventure mean to you?
Being in constant discovery mode about myself and my surroundings. It’s being curious and open to breaking down walls and preconceived beliefs about yourself, people and places. Training your mind to accept that anything is possible, from traveling alone, trekking 5,500-meter mountains, to relocating across the world to pursue your dreams.

Why did you join Unsettled?
Before I knew what it was all about, I was attracted by there rallying cry to live intentionally by embracing the unknown with people from across the globe. Now, I am in my 5th retreat! While the original reason still sticks, it is far more about the quality of human beings I keep meeting in all my experiences. Unsettled gives world access to the most creative, passionate and progressive people from all over the world. Contrary to its literal meaning, living unsettled means living with purpose and intention. It’s reconnecting with the curious self I had abandoned by being exposed to new places, people, concepts and beliefs.



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