How Two Guys Perfected the Art of Working Abroad

We had a wonderful write up this week from our newest travel partner, Hipmunk. Enjoy!

“Is this it?”

Let’s say you did all the right things: graduated college, obtained gainful employment, paid your bills, and began to settle down and lead a comfortable life in the “real world.”

At some, you couldn’t help but ask yourself, isn’t there more than this?

Jonathan Kalan and Michael Youngblood are two entrepreneurs who believe that living outside of your routine may be the best way to build a fulfilling lifestyle. Kalan and Youngblood have spent their entire careers either as freelancers or self-employed, and, like a record breaking amount of millennials who are working for themselves today, they realized that such an independent life is a double-edged sword. It provides unparalleled opportunities for travel and freedom, but it also comes with a certain amount of isolation.

And so, a few years ago, Kalan and Youngblood asked themselves a simple question: How might we design our lives more around life-changing experiences, and less around consumption?

Youngblood and Kalan began hosting dinners, organizing sailing trips, and running some of the first ever co-working retreats for remote workers. The more experiences that they organized, the more they realized that they were hooked…

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