Living Boldly Series: Abba Carmichael

At the heart of Unsettled lie bold, inspiring, provocative, human-centric stories. At the end of each retreat, while we say goodbye to our participants, we also create bonds, friendships and connections that stay with us indefinitely. In our ‘Living Boldly’ series, we highlight members of the Unsettled alumni family who have been an integral part of our story. These are the people from 65+ countries who we’ve shared adventures with, had late-night conversations about love, life and politics with, and shared a new Unsettled ‘home’ with. Today, we continue to live boldly with the same crew. 

This week, meet Abba Carmichael.

Intentionally homeless. (But Atlanta is my blood, New York City is my heart)

Unsettled destination:
I have a few: Buenos Aires Nov 2016; Medellin March 2017; Croatia Sailing Trip 2017; Cape Town Oct 2017.

What do you do for work?
I’m a professional activist. My primary job is working at the Institute for Humane Education; I also own a casting company which I collaborate on positive social impact projects, as well as a start up focused on sex education and empowerment.

What makes you feel most alive?
Air in my lungs and a bright blue sky.

What does it mean to “never settle” in your own life?
For me, not settling is about what I am learning and the impact I am making. If I’m doing both of these well, settling is not an option.

What was the most defining moment of your Unsettled experiences?
Each Unsettled has shaped me in its own way. In the interest of time, I do think the sailing trip was particularly important for me. Stepping offline for a week onto a boat showed me the negative influence being stuck to a computer has on me and my life. Additionally, through the landscapes I was reconnected to the immense beauty of our planet, and energized through the love-filled humans also on the adventure.

What’s your favorite quote that you think the world needs to see?
“The wold becomes what we teach.” – Zoe Weil. Why? Because education is the road out of all which is bringing us down and tearing us apart.



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