Why Are We Running A Co-Working Retreat In Medellín, Colombia?

Colombia is ranked the 2nd best place to travel in 2017.
Here’s why.

Despite what you may have learned about Medellín from Narcos (a great show, by the way), this city has made one of the most historic transformations of any city in recent years. In just two decades, it went from being ruled by Pablo Escobar (1980s and 90s) to being declared the wold’s most innovative city in the 2010s.

There are too many reasons to count, but here are a few reasons why we’re going to Medellín:

1) For its vibrancy…

A city of 6 million people, Medellín is as dynamic as any in Latin America. The people from Medellín, affectionally known as “paisas,” are some of the most entrepreneurially minded people we’ve met. Yes, they love to start new businesses, but that spirit carries over into a vibrant hip-hop scene, its famous fresh food, a thriving social enterprise sector, and the city’s approach to supporting innovation through modern museums, public art, and promoting civic pride. The city has also invested in its fiber optic internet infrastructure so you can enjoy the city and get shit done.

2) For the surrounding countryside…

Lonely Planet ranked Colombia as one of the top destinations to travel in 2017 and Medellín is in the heart of this small diverse country. Within the greater Medellín region, you can access mountains, lakes, the famous coffee regions, small towns and farm life, and several national parks. Hop on a flight from the downtown airport and you’re less than an hour from some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on earth:

3) For the Timing…

While the northern hemisphere is in the grip of winter, Medellin’s elevation at 5,000 feet (1525 meters) above sea level keeps the weather warm and consistent year round. It’s known as “the city of eternal spring” because almost every day feels like it’s spring time.

Beyond the weather, the world’s second largest Carnival is in Barranquilla (1-hour flight) during the last week in February, and you can count on several Unsettled members traveling to Carnival together.

“Colombia is Passion” has become a hallmark of the Colombian people, and whether you’re working from the modern streets of Medellín or you go horseback riding with us in the countryside, this passion is sure to wear off on you.

See you in Medellín! You can learn more about our upcoming retreats here.


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