Our Top 10 Travel Apps for Solo Travelers

By: Naomi Matlow

Ready to fill up that phone for optimal use before you fill up that suitcase for your solo travel adventure? We got your back. We’ve curated our top 10 travel apps to help you get lost and found again, translate that mysterious soda label, and figure out how many USD that pair of flip-flops is gonna cost you.

  1. XE Currency

Your trusty cash converter in your back pocket, XE Currency will keep you on your travel budget and save you from buying that overpriced margarita. Or not. Damn tourist traps.

  1. TripIt

Direct from your email confirmations, TripIt will automatically organize all your train/bus/flight info, your accommodations, concert tickets, restaurant reservations, etc. Keep that “starred” Gmail folder empty, and let TripIt be your personal travel assistant on the go.

  1. Maps.Me

For quick and handy offline maps when you are out of cell service, curated travel guides, and local hotspots, Maps.Me is a one stop shop to find that walking route to get lost on and ultimately found again.

  1. Google Translate

Quicker than learning a new language, Google Translate is your local sidekick to help you give directions to your cab driver, read that grocery store label, and of course, find the nearest bathroom.

  1. Instagram (with a new tip)

We know this may seem counterintuitive, but following the country or city hashtag during your journey, looking at posts that intrigue you, and then discovering their geotag location, has led us to some of our best solo explorations in new cities (and even new adventures at home too!). Better yet, search for all of the museums, exhibits, and restaurants on the gram and you may learn more about the city or discover a special event going on.

  1. Insight Timer

A free (and always free!) library of guided meditations. For much needed rest time due to jet lag, or to chill out and tune in overlooking a magnificent new view, Insight Timer will help you refresh wherever you go.

  1. Skyscanner

An app that literally scans the skies for the cheapest and easiest flights, hotel deals, car rental services, and airport shuttles. Are we there yet?

  1. what3words

Meeting a travel buddy in a local park, or a place without a distinct address, and don’t know how to find them? What3words has given every 3m x 3m on the planet a distinct 3 word address. You’ll find your friend in no time.

  1. Waze

The greatest driving navigation and traffic app in our humble opinion. Change your route to avoid that construction zone so you can enjoy what you went there for. It is very popular in some developing countries (like in Medellin, Colombia).

  1. Detour

Detour provides audio walking tours for 17 cities worldwide (including Barcelona!) It uses GPS tools to keep the narrator in sync with your journey. How cool is that?

Note: And if you want to throw away your smartphone and just go with the flow, that’s totally cool too.

Adventure on!



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