“I Quit Drinking… And Saved Enough Money To Travel To Bali”

Three weeks ago, we asked our community to share their stories about quitting with intention

We were instantly moved and inspired by your personal stories of quitting the very thing that is preventing you from creating a space for more positive ways to contribute to the world. 

Here is one of your stories… 

By: R. Brock, Concert & Event Production Manager

On January 1, 2019 I made the choice to quit drinking for a year. I needed to re-frame and reexamine my life clearly. I wasn’t sure I was an alcoholic, but my life was consumed by my consumption. Every social interaction in my life included alcohol. My special occasion was every night. I had learned to deal with stress, social awkwardness, confrontation, loneliness and my deteriorating romantic relationship, with help from the bottle. I decided that 2019 was my year to be brave and feel my feelings.

Being the only sober person in your social group is tough. When I started this journey, I didn’t realize it would be my most difficult hurdle. The Instagram posts of parties I’m not invited to, the moment when I can’t make sense of anyone’s conversation and I have to leave, the endless nights at home, it’s been isolating and scary and hard. But I’ve learned that by quitting drinking, I’ve quit friendships that don’t serve me and I’ve gotten authentic. I’ve also quit hangovers that keep me from being my best and a 15-pound beer belly. My skin and mind and intentions are clear. I’m a much better employee, Mom, and friend. Life isn’t fuzzy. 

By feeling my feelings, I’ve gotten deeper into the sense of who I really am. I want to dive in and have conversations with people that get into the dirt. I’ve quit the surface level exchanges that were floating me through life.

To date, I’ve done 5 festivals, 15 concerts, New Orleans (not recommended), wine tastings and countless nights-out sober.  I’ve given myself a year to do my life without drinking. To navigate all the messy moments and be okay with being uncomfortable. It’s been dark and it’s been beautiful and one of the best things I’ve ever “Quit”. 

I’m not sure what I’m going to do when my year is up. I’ve saved a lot of money by being sober, so I signed myself up for Unsettled in Bali in January. I can’t wait to open my heart up to the next phase of my life. To take time to sort out my intentions in a place that empowers spiritual growth. I can’t wait to meet like-minded people that are on the same adventurous path. I can’t think of a better setting and community to start out 2020.

What can you quit this year to take the trip of your dreams?

Do you have a quitting story to share? Share it in the comments of this post and win a free trip to Sacred Valley in February 2020!


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